May 18, 2021
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Dera Sacha Sauda is on #FastForNation

This hashtag #FastForNation is being moving on Twitter since today morning!

We should discover the reasoning behind this Hashtag!


The words Fast for Nation are self-clarifying i.e., Fast by individuals for the country.

What is Really #FastForNation ?

Let’s comprehend why is nationwide fast is organised?

Yesterday, Chief of Dera Sacha Sauda, Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insancomposed a letter addressing his mother & millions of his followers. The letter have mentions from treatment of his mother to nationwide farmer’s protest.

The information on his letter was covered on first page of a few print media of Northern India.

A Viral Letter from Saint Ram Rahim Ji

Yesterday, in the letter, Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, emphasized for #FastForNation for harmony & peace in the nation & world.

“Sant JahaBhi Hot Hai Sabki Mangat Kher,

Sabhu Se UnkiDostiNaahi Kisi Se Bair”

He composed that “In the midst of the contentions between the King (Ruling Union Govt) and “Andata” (farmers),Ipray to the Almighty to show them way of arrangement. In this way, that our country unitedly, can adequately win the battle against the continuous pandemic and move towards building up our country”

Buzz On Social Media

Seema Insan, from Punjab&Meenu Jain, from Uttar Pradesh, mentions #FastForNation adopted by Millions of followers on Dera Chief’s one call.

After, #FastForNation there are also planning for #FoodDistribution to poors.

In a real sense, a remarkable method of taking gift from God by

– utilizing the water (wishes from poor subsequent to giving food)

–  to chill off the fire of dissent (Farmer’s Protest).

#FastForNation vs #FarmerProtest

Almost all our Religions have mentions about Fasts. It says by being on fasts, we can seek attention of God towards us more easily. Keeping yourself hungry for food, changes your inclination from Hunger for Food over to Hunger for God.

Since, the conversations between Farmer’s boss and Union Government are not moving towards the end. These are veering step by step. Just, there is one expectation left i.e., God.

Presently no one but God can save us.

So, far Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan have sent 4 letters.

In this first letter, (7th May 2020) He addressed the cause of Pandemic Covid-19.

Let’s brief you about what he said about Covid-19.

Our Nation was in complete lockdown till 31st May 2020. States of the economy were deteriorating step by step, a dread of “starvation” was going to become reality.

Thus, there was need to open the country. Yet, opening a country with chronic weakness in healthinfrastructure in the midst of the pandemic, which hit, Italy having elite wellbeing framework, seriously.

In his letter, he tended to his supporters to follow the standards indicated by Government. Additionally, he gave the formula of making “Kadha”.

We all, might hear about the concept of Kadha!

Even almost of everyone had it in the recent past to save ourselves from trap of Coronavirus.

However, no one knows from where this thought emerged.

He was Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji Insan, who educated his pupils to embrace “kadha”, “meditation with pranayama” in their way of life.

What’s more, this idea of Kadha assisted our India with acquiring invulnerability and viably battle against the Covid-19.

What’s More in His Yesterday’s Letter?

  • Blessing for his disciples,
  • Requesting his mother to take medications timely,
  • Ensured that he will come back soon & get his “janam data” (mother) treated,
  • Urged his followers to be worry free,
  • whatever God does is always for good,& would be always for good,
  • Do mask your face always,
  • Always there for you, in the form of Guru.

What is the Takeaway

Whatever religion, from we are; whatever ethics we follow!

Today, there is call for nation!

And, we should pray for it to the God.

If the nation is healthy, only then we are!

Jai Hind !

Jai Bharat !