Massive Sachkhand Hall Complex

Under the guidance of the Most Adorable Hazoor Maharaj Ji, a spacious Sachkahand Hall has been built in the area of 2 Lac [200,000] square feet. And the unbelievable fact is that it was completed in just 30 days. “Pillars have been erected inside the hall width-wise and at the distance of approx 40 feet from each other. Frames of 40 feet each have been set up on these pillars. These pillars are of the dimensions 28″x28”. Likewise, lengthwise there are 24 pillars on each side distance between them is 20 feet. A total of 216 pillars are there in the hall and 65 girders are in each line of pillars. In this way the roof of the hall comprises 1650 frames of 6 feet width and 1625 girders. There is an excellent arrangement of 450-500 fans and about 250 tube lights for the comfort of devotees. The floor work is ‘crazy’ stones. This floor in the area of 2 lac square feet has been completed in merely 9 days only. And the strange fact is the crazy stones are fixed in mud only and polished and varnished by machines as usual.

Salient Features :
  • Having 84 gates with covered area 2,00,000 sq feet
  • The vastness of this hall makes it impossible for anyone to see the other end clearly.
  • Showering of sun rays in its natural way-based on scientific spacing.
  • During Satsang, thousands throng the hall to hear learning meditation in the hall itself.