rebuild school in after earthquake in nepal

Nepal School Opening News Dera Sacha Sauda

Nuwakot (Nepal), 7th MAY

In the Nuwakot district of Nepal, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan revamped Shree Shahid Jagat Prakash Jung Shah Sanskrit secondary school (Devighat) and did the inauguration on Thursday by tying the ribbon knot. On this occasion, school’s principal and the inhabitants of Nuwakot showed a gesture of thanksgiving and handed over a letter of honour to Guru ji. On the other hand, reconstruction of Shree Ranbhuvaneshwari secondary high school and its rooms is being done with great enthusiasm.

dera sacha sauda reconstruct school in nepal

The spokesperson of Dera Sacha Sauda informed us that the refurbishment of two schools was done under the holy guidance of revered Guru Ji himself and one of the school is already completed. They also told us that the volunteers of Shah Satnam Ji Green S welfare force wing revamped Shree Shahid Jagat Prakash Jung Shah Sanskrit secondary school and accomplished this task by doing two days of persistent hard work. All the eradicated walls of the schools are reconstructed and white washed, and apart from that lab rooms, blackboards including desks and other necessary materials are formulated. They told us that, 15 masonry labourers, 10-10 carpenters and ironworkers each and other 150 volunteers assisted them to accomplish this service work.

On the other hand, the reconstruction of Shree Ranbhuvaneshwari secondary high school is about to finish. In this service work, about more than 400 volunteers are tirelessly working to complete this project and revered Guru Ji will do the inauguration as soon as it gets finalized. It is significant that the school was demolished on 25th April during the earthquake and this destruction is causing an inadequate impact on the studies of the children.

On the inauguration ceremony of school, revered Guru Ji exhorted that earthquake led 80percent of the people pitfall in the Nuwakot district. Victims are accorded relief materials, tents and ration. Our main motive is to provide relief and comfort to maximum number of victims who are stuck over there. Schools which are demolished in this accident will be rebuilt as soon as possible for the sake of the future of all the children. Apart from this, India-Nepal maitri building will also be renovated.