Jan 27, 2022

12 Holy Letters by Saint Dr. MSG- The Gateway to Immense Blessedness!

There’s nothing euphoric or better delight than receiving a letter from your Guru. A Guru is a path shower, pioneer, mentor, leader, torchbearer, and above all, the supreme caretaker. He abolishes darkness by bringing the light of knowledge to our lives. The ocean of His love knows no bounds. Receiving the holy letter from Him is a matter of extreme blessedness. Wrapped with heavenly love, benevolence, and blessings, His Holiness, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan sent twelve letters for the disciples so far. Every letter contained varied messages for the upliftment of humanity and boosting spiritualism amid all.

Besides, many new welfare works have also been initiated by His Holiness for the betterment of mankind and unfurl happiness all around. These welfare works are unparalleled initiatives that are igniting humanitarian values in every heart and emerging out as a boon for the needy ones. Here are the highlights of all these twelve letters sent by His Holiness.

From 1st to Letter 12th- Devotion has grown over the edges!

The happiness knew no bounds when the disciples got the first letter from His Holiness. It was the day 7th May 2020 when the first letter was written by Guruji. Fervently waiting for the pious letter, the love and devotion of devotees poured out of their eyes when they heard the message of Guruji.

This letter contained the pious blessings for all the devotees and instructions as well. His Holiness apprised about His health by saying that He is fine with the grace of Lord and asked Respected Mata Naseeb Kaur Ji (Respected Mother of Saint Dr. Gurmeet ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan) to take medicines properly, have check-ups from doctors from time to time and take proper care. As the Covid-19 pandemic was spreading its wings, so the caretaker, His Holiness provided world-class tips to stay safe and healthy to all. It's never wrong to say that His seamless love and care are unparalleled!

Guruji asked all to take care properly, perform welfare works, and extolled the disciples for selfless services being performed by them in their respective blocks and areas. After admiring Dera’s Management and Trust for endless services, His Holiness instructed them to keep an eye if any disciple needs any help while performing welfare works.  

The entire cosmos charged up with electrifying emotions that arose from every listener and reader. Each word of the letter suffused with auspiciousness, filled every heart with joy and deep emotions. Their devotion towards the Almighty raised manifold after getting the letters of His Holiness.

His Holiness reinforcing unity, integrity, and devotion among the masses!

His Holiness has always taught the lessons of selfless love, selfless services and motivated all to meditate regularly. These letters were also a prized possession of valuable lessons. In every letter, His Holiness directed the disciples to stay united, follow every sermon by heart, keep all promises made with Almighty, meditate regularly, perform selfless deeds & all the welfare works over & over again, extend helping hand to the needy, donate blood on regular intervals & if the government instructs, then also donate blood and save lives. Also, He directed to stay firm and perform every sort of welfare work by heart. Keep your unity strong and stay united always besides having firm faith in Almighty. 

Guruji urged all to never get worried at any point in life, instead meditate, perform selfless services then Almighty will surely brim you with limitless happiness. Meditate even while walking, sitting, or performing any chore of your routine. Always walk on the path shown by us, respect every religion, and never discriminate against anyone.

Whatever Almighty does is 100% right and will always be 100% right. Guruji made everyone aware by saying’ “Rehna Mast Te Hona Hoshiyaar Chahida” which means besides being easygoing, everyone should remain aware because there are many fraudsters in Kalyuga.  

Guruji instructed that only with the holy grace of a true Guru, Tenth Door (Dasva Dwaar) can be opened of only that disciple who follows each sermon of Guru by heart. A disciple can’t open the Tenth Door of another disciple. Everyone must remain as one and perform welfare works as instructed by the ADM block. 

When Kisaan Protest was going on, Guruji prayed for the early resolution of the matter so that the whole nation can step ahead in the way to progress and beat coronavirus collectively. For this, Guruji urged all to keep a fast for 12 or 24 hours too and by following His instructions, every disciple kept a fast for one day and prayed for the wellbeing of all. Also, the ration saved on that day was distributed to underprivileged families. 

Restrict yourself from these deeds!

His Holiness strictly prohibited everyone from getting indulged in backbiting and slandering anyone. Even if someone slanders others, then also never appreciate them, instead stop them from doing so. Guruji said, those who keep on slandering others, day & night do backbiting and claim themselves as our disciple then that’s totally wrong. Such people can’t ever be our disciples. Everyone must stay aware of them. Never appreciate or accompany them directly or indirectly. 

Besides other instructions included, never follow the one who persuades you against anyone or to do wrong things, never get influenced by negative power (Mann) and negative people. Treat everyone equally and don’t discriminate against anyone on any ground. Stay always united and keep unity intact. 

Spiritual Competitions were Icing on the Cake!

It’s rightly said that a Guru keeps on teaching His disciples through thoughts, actions, and sermons. His every sermon is a treasure of blessedness if one follows it sincerely. Via letters, His Holiness instructed all to do competition of Shabdakshari (Kind of Antakshari in which the contestant sings the first verse of holy Shabads) and Meditation. As per the devotees, these healthy competitions brought immense happiness to the lives of devotees, and how their days got filled with spirituality is beyond words. Besides, His Holiness directed all to keep on performing welfare works to the maximum. 

New Welfare Works Glorified the Prominence of Dera Sacha Sauda!

The thoughts of a True Guru remain always with His children. The whole universe is His children and He keeps on praying for their well-being and does every effort to bring happiness to their lives by removing all worries altogether. The only purpose of His life is to unfurl happiness all around, uplift humanity, ignite the true spirit & values in every heart and teach the way to salvation. 

Having deep emotions with every being, the thoughts of His Holiness are not spared from the pain of people. That’s the reason that He started four new welfare works and instructed disciples to follow the same via His letters. These are:

Welfare Work- 135

We two, our two or We both are one and We will have one child

Welfare Work- 136

Take a pledge to get vaccinated and encourage others for Covid-19 vaccination and get them inoculated too

Welfare Work- 137

Wear Mast, encourage others for the same, and provide free masks to the needy. Maintain seven feet distance from one another.

Welfare Work- 138

The underprivileged and orphan children who are unwell, provide them proper treatment and food items too.

Welfare Work- 139

Service of orphan senior citizens and taking care of them

Welfare work- 140

Keep aside one roti (bread) for every animal & bird and ensure that no one starves because of hunger.

Welfare work- 141

To remove the stigma of ‘Dirty India’, mobile toilets will be set up on long roads and public areas. Proper maintenance will also be done for the facilitation of the general public.

Welfare work- 142

Raise the glory of the Indian flag and hoist it in every home to boost the commitment toward the nation.

These welfare works are another favour of His Holiness on the whole of mankind. All the disciples pledged to follow these word to word and even started implementing the same right after the orders of His Highness. 

Divine Verses!

Every word of a True saint subsumes infinite blessings if the disciple takes it sincerely and devotedly. His Holiness always brims everyone with immense pleasure inside out. His single word is a treasure of delight if one takes it by heart. These letters contained several rhymes or verses. Here are these!

“Naam Japo, Prem Karo, Karo Maanavta Ki Sewa

In Vachno Par Amal Kro To Satguru Dega Do Jahaan Ka Meva”

 “25 January Do Hazaar Ikkis,

Prabhu Khushiyan Vo Dein Ki Aap Sabki Khil Jaye Battees”

“January Mein Aaye Shah Satnam Ji, Khushiyon Ka Bhar Ka Bhar Ke Jhola,

Sabki Bharenge Jholiyaan Poori, Aa Ke Ru-B-Ru- MSG Maula”

 “Daata Ji Ka Aaya Hai, Janam Din Ji,

Denge Beshumar Khushiyan, Na Dein Gin Min Ji”

“25 January Ke Din Aaye Daata Ji, Le Ke Ruhani Bahaar,

Drid Yakeen Rakho Vachno Pe Amal Denge Daata Khushi Beshumar”

Hamare croro pyare bachho, suno pyare pyare,

Dil ke tukde, akhiyon ke tare.

Guru ki sunoge to gand ki nhi tum, 

Shehed vali ‘makhiyan’ banoge sare.”

His Holiness keeps on blessings the disciples in His unique ways and devotees love these ways by heart!

Instructions for Protection from Covid-19 Virus!

His Holiness instructed all to follow all the guidelines shared by the government for protection against Coronavirus. Even if there was unlock, Guruji urged all to stay inside their homes and while traveling or going for work, wear the mask always and maintain seven feet distance from one another. Even with the guidance of Guruji and as per His instructions in the letter, a website was created with the name ‘DSSCovidhelp.org’ wherein a devotee doctor remains always available to solve the queries regarding coronavirus so that everyone can remain informed and protected from the virus. Here are the instructions by Guruji:

  • Do regular meditation with pranayama for at least 15-30 minutes morning & evening. It will increase your willpower, which will defeat Corona.
  • Wash your hands intensely with soap by rubbing your nails on your palm. 
  • After reaching home from outside, take a bath, put your clothes in water and wear new clothes before going to your family members.
  • Take a protein-dense diet such as grams, soya food, cheese, curd, milk, buttermilk (Lassi), pulses, pistachios.
  • Make a decoction of basil, 4-4 leaves of neem or Indian lilac, 10 grams Giloy twig leaves, 5 grams cumin seeds, 2-2 cloves & cardamom, a pinch each of turmeric, Liquorice, ajwain or thymol seeds, dry gourd. Boil all these items in 300-gram water and boil until it remains 150 grams. Take it just as tea once a day. You can add 20 grams of jaggery or honey. Take at least 50 milliliters 2-3 times a week.
  • Take 100-100 grams Neem and Giloy twig leaves, grind them, and put them in 2-liter water. Take steam of it by deep breathing 25 times or for 2 minutes.
  • Take Shyama Tulsi (Holy Basil) 3-4 times in milk or tea.
  • Take Vitamin C regularly including lemon, oranges, citrus, Indian gooseberry, etc.
  • Don’t touch your face over & over again
  • Do light jogging
  • Take a good diet including black gram, protein, cheese, pulses, lemon, hot water, vitamin C tablets, B complex, decoction, etc.
  • Take decoction two times a day besides Vitamin C and B-Complex!

If anyone broke any of the three promises made with Almighty, then that person must do the meditation of one hour morning & evening, for 76 days. By doing so, Almighty will pardon you and bless you with willpower to beat corona. Never perform these mistakes again. Those who did backbiting or slandered others or have swindled in Parmarth, must do regular meditation of one hour morning & evening for 30 days.

His Holiness instructed all to initiate free ambulance service for corona patients. Also, distribute oranges, lemon juices, and fruits among ‘Corona Warriors’ such as police, doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, etc., and salute these warriors wherever you see them. 

To save the world from this deadly virus, His Holiness urged all to pray before meditating, “Hey Satguru Ji, Poori Duniya Ko Corona Se Bachaane Ka Raasta Vegyaanikon Aur Doctors Ke Dimaag Mein Dein, Jisse Corona 100% Khatam Ho Jaye”

Prayers for Ukraine

No misery or pain goes out of the sight of a true saint. When people suffer then the saints extend their prayers to the Almighty to relieve those affected souls from all woes. The Russia-Ukraine war needs no introduction today. Countless people died and lakhs of people were suffering there. The situation was getting worsen with every passing day. In the 9th pious letter, His Holiness urged all to do prayers for people living there and He also extended prayers to the Almighty for maintaining peace all around so that people can live happily and peacefully.

Blessings for cleanliness campaign

On 7th February 2022, Guruji arrived in Gurugram for 21 days. Presenting the unseen example of devotion, the devotees didn’t reach Gurugram and followed the rules & guidelines thoroughly. But how could a disciple stop paying reverence to the place where his Guru arrived and put His lotus feet? So, a cleanliness campaign was held after this period of 21 days in Gurugram. Lakhs of devotees from far-off places reached there to touch the holy land and pay reverence by following the pious teachings. 

In the 9th letter, His Holiness extended pious blessings to all the disciples who presented an unprecedented paragon of devotion and love for their Guru. Also, His Holiness prayed to brim every devotee’s life with limitless happiness.

The downpour of love during ‘Online Gurukul’ live talks

When His Holiness spent 30 days on parole in Barnawa, UP then the disciples got the golden chance of having glimpses of their beloved master. The divine moments of having face-to-face interaction with Guruji overwhelmed every disciple. The moments of love pouring out of their eyes and hearts filled with pride were worth beholding. In the 11th letter, His Holiness elucidated that it was a great pleasure to see you all. The way all get connected to ‘Online Gurukul’, way of celebrations and devotion was out of the world. Also, Guruji bestowed blessings on all those who did the great work of connecting people with God’s name and contributed to leaving their evils & drugs. Taking people to a spiritual congregation and connecting them with the method of meditation is great noble work. His Holiness prayed from all those who connected people with God’s name and showered enormous blessings on them. 

We were, We are, We will be!

His Holiness said that Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj has made Him next successor of Dera Sacha Sauda on 23rd September 1990 and passed the divine ordinance ‘We were, We are, and We will be.’ Now also, Shah Satnam Ji is working, was working, and will always work in Him. 

There’s always a reason behind every action of true saints. His Holiness instructed all to never get worried, instead stay happy in the Almighty’s will. His ways and will cannot be understood easily.

In the 10th pious letter sent on Dera Sacha Sauda’s Foundation Day occasion, His Holiness reminded all these sacred sermons of Revered Param Pitaji and asked all to never get influenced by anyone. Only a true Guru guides through pious sermons. People just talk, but a Guru gives you real navigation through His sermons. Only the Guru sermonizes, not the people.  

Respect for all religions!

Guruji’s deep reverence towards religions and all spiritual scriptures is incomparable. It is His guidance and teachings that today above 60 million disciples respect every religion by heart and extend help to every person belonging to any religion. The values infused by our religions get visible in the acts of Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers and it’s only because of the teachings & motivation of Revered Saint Dr. MSG. Since 1948, the DSS disciples are taught to follow each lesson that our respected religions give, viz. reviving humanity, performing humanitarian chores, meditating, and maintaining peace & positivity. 

In these pious letters also, Guruji conveyed that He didn’t even think to slander or disrespect any religion, in fact, He has always taught everyone to be respectful towards this treasure. Dera Sacha Sauda is ‘Confluence of All Religions’ and millions adopt the unity and sense of brotherhood there. All disciples respect the religions by heart and maintain brotherhood with people belonging to any caste or religion. 

Blessings for celebrating pious Bhandara Naam-Charchas in different areas of states!

For celebrations of special months, April- the Foundation Month of Dera Sacha Sauda, August- the pious incarnation month of Saint Dr. MSG, September- the Great Benevolence Month; different Naam-charchas (spiritual congregations) were held at different places. His Holiness showered blessings to all those who attended those and performed selfless services as a way to celebrate these sacred days & months. Also, His Holiness extended blessings to those who reached there and performed their duties for facilitation of the programs & performed selfless deeds; and prayed that their legitimate wishes get accomplished soon. 

Blessings for special months!

August month is the incarnation month of Saint Dr. MSG. The disciples from all over the world celebrate it with great pomp & show. They perform maximum welfare works to please their master. In the 11th letter, His Holiness showered blessings on all for the pious 15th of August (incarnation day) and for Raksha Bandhan too. Further, Guruji said all to stay firm on the two promises made with His Holiness, that are, ‘Stay firm on three principles and have strong & firm faith on Satguru’. Those who will stay firm to these promises will get brimmed with eternal happiness inside out. 

September month is celebrated as ‘Great Benevolence’ month when the royal coronation of Saint Dr. MSG took place. On the pious 23rd of September, His Holiness bestowed us with the Great Benevolence by sending the pious letter. By sharing the special meditation timings, His Holiness said that between 4-5:30 AM and 6-7:30 PM He extends special prayers for all His disciples, and those who meditate during this time we will get divine bestowing for them from Satguru, Shah Satnam, Shah Mastan. His Holiness showered immense grace by saying that He keeps on praying for good health and prosperity in the good works of all the disciples. 

Tiranga Hoisting on Amrit Mahotsav

Guruji initiated three new welfare works during His stay in Barnawa Aashram. One was to keep one chapatti aside for cows & other animals, the second was to hoist Tiranga (Indian Flag) at homes and the third was to place mobile toilets on highways and public areas. For addressing further in the same regard, His Holiness instructed all to become part of ‘Amrit Mahotsav’ of the 75th Independence Day of India and hoist Tiranga in homes, and on vehicles and capture the moment while saluting it. Put the photos and videos on social media so that we can respect and pay reverence to our freedom fighters whose efforts brought freedom to us. Also, Guruji said that He will initiate the third welfare work after coming back.

Pious Letters Brimmed of Holy Blessings!

The magical words filled with emotions and love for all disciples instilled all with deep affection. No words have the power to express the love of His Holiness. It can only be felt and disciples were feeling the acute love that His Holiness string together in His pious words. It’s the aftermath of His prayers and blessings that all are living comfortably, without facing any problem in their lives. 

His Holiness extended blessings by saying that He prays to Almighty for immense blessedness and happiness inside out for those beloved disciples who keep firm faith during these times. His Holiness further said that He keeps on praying for everyone’s well-being and will do it forever. 

Before sleeping at night and after waking up, Guruji blesses all and prays for everyone’s happiness and wellbeing. Just as Demoiselle Crane keeps its thoughts in its kids, we also keep our every thought in all our crores of beloved children. Also, His Holiness prayed to fulfill every legitimate demand of all the disciples. In the recent 12th pious letter, His Holiness urged all to pledge to stay united always and 100% follow the sermons.

Talking about lumpy skin disease that is proving dangerous for cows and making them hapless, His Holiness prayed for their wellness and extended prayers to the Almighty to give its solution to any doctor. His Holiness further stated that ‘Vachan, Daat, Parmarth’ is only of true Guru and none other can give it.

These letters are inevitably the boon for every disciple. These are unleashing spiritual values in every heart and their love for Almighty has grown manifold. We are deeply thankful to His Holiness for sending enormous blessings by wrapping them in these holy letters. We feel so fortunate on having His pious presence in our lives and are forever grateful and always pray for the wellbeing & good health of Guruji.