Aug 20, 2022

The next revolutionary step for mankind is to move from man to kind | World Humanitarian Day Special

Lion is known for his courage, tiger for his speed, fox for her artfulness, and peacock for his beauty. Every species has its distinguish identification then what makes us humans unique, what is our identification? Its humanity!!! Yes, humanity is our first identity and religion. Humanity means identifying ourselves with every single creature of this universe and understanding the fact that we all are part of one Supreme power and love each other unconditionally. Humanity is helping every other life who is in need and connecting our souls with the universe. However, today technology has surpassed and engulfed humanity.
Humanity is leaving! Will it visit again?
The world is full of distress, greed, and corruption. We may have been advanced in technology but lost our existence because the central point of our existence is humanity. In the world of modernization and globalization where we can connect with anybody over the world in seconds, we actually lost deep connections. We are so busy in our technological world that we have ignored our real life. 
We may know a lot about other countries and regions but we failed to understand the person sitting next to us. Love, relations, and compassion have just faded away. People may have thousands of friends on the social platform but in need they are alone. Animals have been treated cruelly and have been badly used by human beings for their profit. To construct more and more buildings and factories we have done deforestation. In the race of development, we have lost the beauty of love, compassion, and nature.
The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity!
Humanity is lost but not completely. Still, there is a light of hope that is Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa. In the era of distrust and selfishness, it has been the symbol and highest epitome of humanity. Whether the world is suffering from corona or any natural calamities, they have been always there to help people. They have delivered the corona kits, necessary food items, urgent health care, shelter, clothes, protection, and much more to needy people. Even floods and cyclones cannot stop them from helping people. Where nobody was able to reach, they land up there and support people thus becoming the strong pillar of hope for the world. They construct houses for people who don't have shelter on their heads. They economically helped poor families in the marriage of their daughters. They gave home to the children who were abandoned by their families. Not only the children they help old age people and take complete care of them in every possible way. They provide complete medical care for people who are mentally unsound and help them to meet their families. 

With humanity and love, humans can do miracles!
One thing which is beyond imagination and is impossible to believe is that these saviors of humanity not only donate their bodies and organs after death, they are even ready to donate their kidneys when alive. Shocking but completely true, it feels like a miracle on earth. Apart from helping people, there is unconditional love for animals and plants in them. Every year they proactively engage themselves in planting zillions of saplings together. Not only planting but taking complete care of each one of them till they grow into a tree, their sole motto is to save the earth. They feed and treat animals in every corner of the world. As it has always been our culture to give animals the first bite or chapatti of our food and then have anything, the same path is followed by them. They take care of birds by regularly feeding them and placing water pots on their terrace. Aware of the fact that donating blood is donating life, they are always ready to donate blood and that’s why distinctively known as true blood pumps in society.  There is a total of 142 different works of social welfare done by DERA SACHA SAUDA. Their each welfare activity speaks louder than words. In short, we can say they each breathe, their every single drop of blood is for humanity.

Volunteers rise by lifting others!
They are so instilled with humanity that they even use “INSAN” as their surnames. And all this has been the result of the teachings of Benevolent Master Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan whose blessings and thoughts are both inspiration and motivation for them. His Holiness not only guides them but first carries out every work by Himself and then asks their devotees to execute the same. Under the dynamic guidance of revered Guruji, the volunteers are not leaving any stone unturned to touch the zenith of humanity.
To acknowledge World Humanitarian Day today, we bow our heads in the lotus pious feet of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan who always spearhead us to lend a helping and compassionate hand. Today, we pray to our magnanimous philanthropist Guruji to bless us so that we can adhere to the path shown by Him. Let’s take an oath today that we will always embark on the path of humanity and will make this day worthy and memorable!