May 19, 2021
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The unique way to improve literacy rate

Education is the backbone of any society. Without good sources of education, no society can have a developed status. In India, many students are enjoying the proper opportunities to study and enlightening not only name of their parents but Nation as well. But, India is still a developing body not a developed one due to which many children and younsters are feeling the scarcity in academic opportunities. Due to lack of enough resources Numerous destitute kids and youngsters are depriving of education of their own wish. They are not able to flaunt their wings as per their potential or calibers. It could be a bad fortune because our talent is not properly uses for the country or their own well-being. It is just being wasted due to helplessness.

Is there any solution to this problem?

Of course yes..! This stigma surely uprooted from society. There is a unique way to change the current scenario which is by providing the financial assistance to needy ones by the rich persons. But, here the main point is how many people have the feeling of such type of philanthropy in today’s materialistic world..!! Certainly negligible.. Isn’t it..??

But, here we have an example of a Saint from the Northern Part of India who is on top of the world in this philanthropic work and so we can name him true saint in India. He is none other than Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan aka Saint Dr. MSG. He has helped thousands of destitute kids for education from his earnings. Not only this, his millions of followers also keep on contributing in providing financial assistance to the needy ones. Along with this, various career counselings are also arranged under the guidance of Dr. Ram Rahim Ji by Dera Sacha Sauda from time to time to guide these people for their career plans.

This work seems hard to believe but it really makes sense of truthfulness. All the facts and evidences are in favor of Guru Ji. As per reports, Guru Ji’s followers are still doing the same works with the same verve even after so many of controversies against them and their Guru Ji with the session court’s verdict against Guru Ji in 2017.

If everyone in our Nation starts following the preaches of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji then that day will not be far when India’s dream of becoming developed economy become true…!!