Many people have accepted the health tips in their lifestyle prescribed by Revered Guruji which helps in preventing diseases.
  • Guruji suggests that dinner should not be taken late at night. Food should be taken before the sun set because the quantity of bacteria is quite less at that time.

  • One should wake up early morning and should try to sleep early night. The people, who have to work hard for the whole day, should go for a morning and evening walk.

  • Chew water and drink food means water should be drunk sip by sip and food should be properly chewed so that the food can be digested slowly.

  • Guruji teaches the method of the Pranayam with meditation. It helps in enhancing the concentration. Many players have reached the International levels by adopting this method.

  • Special diet chart has been developed told by Guruji by which any stout or fat person can lose his fat. People can lose up to 5-7 kilograms of weight within a week, without fasting.

  • Recite the Holy Meditation and keep your feelings pure.

  • Earn by working hard and do good deeds.

  • Prefer boiled instead of fried or spicy food.