Guruji’s grace overpowers cancer

Akhil Aggarwal is a successful Bangalore based trader. Sharp, suave and articulate, he is well versed in the ways of the world. His youthful energy strikes me as I enter his flat at the upmarket Giri apartments, JP Nagar. He and his wife, Aarti, who receive me are ardent devotees of Dera Sacha Sauda for the last twenty years.

A Mentally ill Vagrant Reunites with His Family After Two Years

The story dates back to 4th September 2012 when Guruji was going from Sirsa to Bikaner. While travelling swiftly in a motorcade, Guruji suddenly noticed a thin emaciated figure lying helplessly on the road side.

Got My Eyes Back by Pita Ji’s Blessing

It was in year 1998, I was studying in class 6th in private school in Muktsar (Punjab). I was blessed with method of meditation by Hazoor Pita Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan in 1994. So one evening, I had itchy red eyes and my parents took me to an eye specialist.

Revered Pitaji saved my parents from a deadly accident

One day, in the holy month of Nov. 2008, I was attending Naamcharcha [spiritual gathering] at the night in my neighborhood. After attending a program in Meerut, my parents were about to reach home. They were planned to attend the Naamcharcha after their arrival.

Revered Guru Ji (Pita ji) cured my knee joints pain

In the month of January 2011, I suffered from bilateral knee joints pain. The pain was more severe during flexion & extension movements. I consulted my orthopedic doctor, she said- this is the earliest symptom of osteoporosis. I was mildly depressed by thinking that my active life has now finished.

Satguru ji cured the eyes within a day

My both eyes were spoiled by cap. I consulted an eye specialist in Sirsa City. He prescribed me medicine but it did not show any improvement in my eyes. In the Morning when I got up, I experienced a large amount of mucous discharge.

With daat program’s parsad and Pitaji’s blessings I got promoted

I am working in Mumbai as Software Engineer. I was expecting my promotion in April 2010. But later on in May 2010, I came to know that I have not got promoted which made me depressed.

Pitaji fulfilled the earnest desire in dream

I want to tell about the miracle happened with me. At that time I was 3 years old. I was really crazy for Pitaji’s darshan, no doubt now also I am really crazy.And I wanted to hug Pitaji. Then I had a dream that I was doing sewa in dham and suddenly I fell down near taps

Satguru Ji listened to prayers.

On 7th of June, 1991, I completed my service as army man and after retirement I used to take care of my fields. One day, my daughter came to me and complained about my son, Sukhwant, that she was asking for a acacia sprig (used for teeth cleaning in rural areas) from him for so many days and he was not listening to her.

With the Holy blessings of Satguruji truth conquered

Here, I am describing the prodigy which Satguruji made me experienced. People happily indulge themselves in crimes, however, don’t like to follow and accompany the truth. I had to endure this traumatic fact