The Naam-Shabd (True Method of Meditation) is an ordered collection of words taught by a True Guru who is a selfless spiritual master. The words praise and invoke God. Simply put, it is a true method of meditation.

Constant and regular practice of meditation leads one deep into one’s own consciousness and helps realise God internally, once it is done with utmost seriousness and firm belief in accordance with the teachings of the True Guru. One gains self confidence, becomes able to control anger and negative emotions, experiences miracles and achieves worldly success.

Every human being spends a majority of his/her time pushed and goaded by the impulses brought on by the five thieves, i.e. Lust, Ego, Worldly attachment, Anger and Greed. These thieves are in turn set in motion by Mann, the epicentre of negativity, and Maya, the perennially distracting illusion. Whilst the majority of our time is wasted away by these seven, we are unable to appreciate higher spiritual experiences. With regular practice of Naam-Shabd, one would be able to see through the blinding haze of these barriers.

Naam-Shabd is a simple yet very powerful method of meditation that stills one’s body, emotions and mind; integrating them as a unit; and aligning their vibrations with God. Imagine, light becomes a powerful laser once all its constituent particles share a common resonant frequency. Similarly in terms of Physics, if all the misdirected vectors align into one common direction and focus, how much more powerful the resultant force becomes. And when it comes to aligning the vibrations with the God, the Supreme Power, the inner peace and tranquility that one experiences, is beyond our wildest imagination. With continuous practice, one perceives God’s sound and light and in the process becomes aware of the true purpose of one’s life.