Green Earth Campaign

Mega Tree Plantation

Plant endless trees, simply to trap and freeze the Noxious Green House Gases, Guruji himself leads the masses.

The mindless exploitation of natural resources by mankind has imperiled the existence of the planet itself. Increasing pollution, our poisoned rivers, an unstable ocean, the melting glaciers are all aggravated by human thoughtlessness. Guruji has responded to the challenge in a variety of ways. On 15th August, 2009, Guruji led the followers in planting 6.9 million trees. Much prior to this on 29th April, 2007, Guruji had initiated a unique campaign named as ‘Nature Campaign’ in which every follower was enjoined to plant at least 12 trees per annum. It is expected that once to this effort is replicated globally, it shall give a significant impetus to the fight against global warming.



Tree plantation is a harbinger of prosperity. Plants eliminate the pollution and are beneficial for the health, too. This would let our coming generations lead a healthy life. At Dera Sacha Sauda, the motive is not just to plant the saplings but rear them as well. Devotees are also instructed that we must plant trees, but we should ensure that we are able to look after them. The number of saplings planted is immaterial, what matters the most is to pay meticulous attention for their nurture, protection and growth. We must take care of them like we care for our children.
Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

Take care of them as your own Children

Guruji has elucidated that there was a drastic change in the environment due to removal of tree cover. Rainfall has become untimely which wreaks havoc for the crops. To counter this, followers of Dera Sacha Sauda from every corner are engaged in greening the environment with great gusto and understanding.
“Everybody should plant at least one tree a month and treat it as your own child. Your own sons may not become useful to you, but the trees you plant shall serve humanity for a long time to come.”
These words are a chilling reminder of the collective momentum that is immediately required for this cause.
Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

8 Hours 7 Millions

tree plantation

Reckless exploitation of nature by human beings has imperiled the earth’s existence. Rising pollution, mounting filth, dirty rivers, a restless ocean and melting glaciers, all these are just due to human insensitivity and interference. An obsession with industrial progress has caused man to lose sight of the tenuous ecological balance. The consequences of mindless deforestation are clear now. Therefore, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has acted to rectify the precarious imbalance. Today, the earth hangs by a thread. Responding to this predicament, Guruji has taken a significant initiative in this direction. Here a Saint, Satguru beckons and rejoins people to save planet earth by planting trees. For His Holiness its all action with minimal exhortation. Recreating the lost forests at a furious pace! One call from Guruji is enough to rouse and spur the masses into action. What results is usually history. His Holiness is striving to make this a sustainable and plentiful planet. A people’s movement is the main requisite for the environmental protection. Millions in the Dera are flocking to make a difference.

Environmental Preservation

An obsession with industrial progress has caused man to lose sight of the tenuous ecological balance. The consequences of mindless actions are clear now. Therefore, Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has acted to rectify the precarious imbalances. As man closes in on newer scientific discoveries, he is inebriated by his own success. Despite understanding the consequences of his follies on the environment front, mankind is doing too little, too late. Environmental sustainability cannot be recklessly thrown to the wind. We are living undoubtedly, on a poisoned earth. We have undone what nature has taken endless time to create. Our factories and automobiles ooze fire as the carbon footprint builds up. Fishing disturbs the oceans in a variety of ways that we still cannot comprehend. The climate has become fragile and unstable. Global warming is upon us and yet there is a lack of a sincere international consensus on the issue. Greed has become the most important driving force. We are reaping the harvest of several diseases and ill-health due to our poisoned food chain. The developed and developing countries are putting accusing fingers on each other but no sound strategy has been implemented by anyone strongly; whereas, it is the time to take effective steps in this regard. Unmindful of the indifference, Guruji crusades relentlessly towards the goal of saving the planet. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the rivers we pollute, the trees we cut, the greenhouse gases we emit; are all going to affect our children. To summarize, we need to plant the right trees in adequate numbers, move to sustainable green technologies, cut down on chemicals and pollution, save water and manage human waste better. We need to act now or become victims of our Pyrrhic success.

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