May 15, 2013



The objective of Guru ji is that people must walk in the path of honesty and hard work and provide relief to society from corruption and deceit. In fact, for the prevention of corruption, theft, dishonesty, bribery, robbery etc, Guruji has become the beacon and torchbearer of honesty and hard work.

Hard labor and honest living is the economic basis of the Ashram. Guruji insists that one must earn by doing hard work and not snatch any one's morsel. Money earned by deceit and corruption is like poison which will definitely cast its effect on the coming generations. Such wealth may give comfort for some time but in the end it will prove harmful. By following the teachings of Guruji, his followers are establishing extraordinary examples of honesty. One example is being narrated here. In a train from Bathinda to Sirsa, some dera followers were also traveling. Opposite them, was a businessman was who alighted at the station, forgetting his bag that contained half a million rupees. Some people tried to grab his unclaimed bag, but Dera followers insisted that it had to be restored to its rightful owner. They contacted the owner by taking out his address from a diary inside. With his consent the bag was brought to the Ashram. The bag was publically returned to him in the congregation. The businessman expressed his whole hearted gratitude to Guruji and the Dera followers. He decided to spend some amount of that amount on the needy.

In the same way, acting upon Guruji's teachings, Sukhdev Singh of Musani village, district Ganga Nagar (Rajasthan) returned 25 acres of land to Sukhram Nath of Ganga Nagar.

Sukhdev Singh heard the Spiritual Congregation in Saliwala (Hanumangarh) on February 22, 2006 and Guru Ji teachings cast such an effect on him that he returned the land of Sukhram Nath which was under his forcible possession for the last ten years. This land in question is near the Sri Ganganagar, whose worth is estimated to be tens of millions of rupees. Many examples of this type are available where Dera followers are giving a new direction to society by handing over the lost property to their rightful owners. The aim of Guruji is that we must walk on the path of honesty with determination so as to rid society from corruption and deceit.

Valuables restored to its rightful owner in the congregation