meditation yoga

True Meditation is taught by True Master. No one knows that there is such a supreme power that is present inside everyone, which helps everyone in this world and even beyond. Only the Guru makes it attainable by the means of meditation.

The meditation is a chant which is practically tested by the Master to deliver the soul to higher realms. Once the Soul is emancipated, one can experience God, feels his existence, realize how profoundly He changes our life for the better and helps us get rid of our tensions and troubles.But Almighty God has to be prayed for by calling his True Name, the correct method of meditation. It helps one became powerful spiritually and tap the ocean of joys within.

And by meditating upon God’s words one reaches the tenth door, God’s light and sound is seen and heard. The God becomes manifest, internally.

What It Requires?

True meditation is a practical way of connecting with God. Each one of us can practice it irrespective of our gender, age, caste, creed, race, nationality or religion. Guru Ji, while initiating an individual, asks that he/she give up alcohol, non-vegetarian food, and immorality. Besides this, there is no other restriction of any kind on the individual. After initiation one needs to spend 15-60 minutes in the morning and the same in the evening daily in meditation. When we are involved in mechanical work that does not require thinking, we can keep on repeating the chant silently, mentally or in an inaudible tone, whenever possible.

Thus, prayers and hard work can go hand in hand, resulting in greater success. For instance, if we are walking, travelling or driving, the chanting can go on in our thoughts. It certainly helps improve our concentration and also delivers powerful worldly results such as success in good pursuits.