Jan 25, 2011

With the Holy blessings of Satguruji truth conquered

Mrs. Asha Rani W/O Sh. Diwan Chand Insan Khandsa Road, Gurgaon Haryana. With the Holy blessings of Satguruji truth conquered Here, I am describing the prodigy which Satguruji made me experienced. People happily indulge themselves in crimes, however, don't like to follow and accompany the truth. I had to endure this traumatic fact: - On September 2010, there was a jagran in our street and arrangements were to be undertaken for that. They were about to erect the tents at our washroom's window. Suddenly, I looked at them and asked to not to tie the tents there; for bathroom construction was going on and window panel was not attached to it. I politely asked them, at least you should ask us before you tie. I was surprised as they started shouting and abusing me. The family members, who were administering jagran, went to police station in order to lodge the complaint against us. They complained that we did not allow them to tie tents for jagran, scuffling and beating them. As soon as the police arrived at our home, people were laughing at us instead of helping us as being a neighbor. They were intended that police will take us with them and they will feel good about it. I found that they were almost hundred in count and we were only two. They thought that we are alone and nobody would support us. We already reached police station before the cops had arrived at our home. Police inspector told us to beckon the masses who are in our network to be on the safer side as other party was having a dangerous gang with them. Even Police was also in favor of other party. I showed him jam-e-insan pendent and told him that I am not alone. I have Divine power with me and I need not anyone else other than my Satguruji. I know He is with me and we will surely win if we are true at our place. There was no need to say anything else; police started questioning and scolding them while they were supporting them earlier. Some of them instantly rushed away. Suddenly, His Holiness Guruji sent a guy notoriously known as Bindar. People are always scared of that guy and did not like to talk about him. Even police and Gurgaon public is scared of him. He rushed to me and asked, tell me Ma, who have beaten my brother Ashish??? I was crying a lot and was not capable to speak. Bindar started scuffling there with the other party. He asked me that I can stop their jaran if you permit me Ma and can send them for imprisonment. I told him that my son, it is more than enough. The whole opposition party members apologized for their committed wickedness. Binder himself said that I am surprised that for this small concern, how I reached here as I was not being called up!!! He told me that I always go on major concerns or issues if I am being paid huge amount for that. I told him that you have not come at your own; however, I know you have been brought here by my lord/ Satguru ji. With His Holiness Guruji's blessings and my firm faith, truth conquered. Thanks a lot Pitaji for succoring and protecting us and I wish you to bestow bountiful of your blessings upon us forever. -- Mrs Asha Rani