Dec 1, 2022

‘Chat pe Chat’ highlights the importance of less screen time and more healthy relations

The newly launched song by Saint MSG is navigating people to limit tech use and emphasizing spending quality time with family.

Electronic devices have turned out as a constant companion for many. Chatting is in vogue. Today, whether they are youngsters, kids, or elders are all wooed by social media. Long-winded chats, elongated video games, and spending time on social media decrease productivity among youngsters. The increasing dependence on these devices is crippling them to the core which in turn makes our nation handicapped as the youngsters are not able to maneuver their thoughts in the right direction.

Beyond any doubt, it’s easing out our lives, but it has become a necessity to set time away from these devices. Bringing forward solutions to every problem, MSG aka Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan released a new song ‘Chat Pe Chat’ highlighting the negative impact of sticking to phones. People of every age group are indulged in chatting and video games that impact badly on their eyes and brain and further impact their mental health also.

This song pinpoints the negative impact of too much screen time on health. Alongside, high dependence on mobile phones can be damaging to relations too. They usually know everything happening in the world but remain unaware of their parents' and family problems. Drenching into social media and excessive usage of phones disconnects them from their relationships, which further becomes the major reason for family disputes, soreness in relations and ultimately breaking their bond.

Digital Fasting- A Bridge for Family Reunion

Besides highlighting this major issue, MSG has provided an impactful way of spending time in the ‘Chat Pe Chat’ song. Digital Fasting can bring a positive change in our lives. Guruji initiated it as a new welfare work also that navigates everyone to keep digital fast for two hours from 7 pm to 9 pm. During this period, the followers do not use any digital device whether it’s a TV, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or any such device, and spend this time with their family.

In this song too, Guruji channelized everyone to do digital fasting, and spend quality time with family & do meditation. Getting a break from digital equipment for two hours daily and spending that time with family is making the bond stronger. It is something that none had thought of before. However, it’s quite an impactful way to ensure good mental health and healthy relations.

Also, MSG coveys the message to parents, that digital devices can also be used for a good cause. The kids can use it for their studies and parents can show them spiritual congregations so that they don’t get indulged in bad things. Social media and digital devices can also become a medium to bring a positive revolutionary change in our youngsters if the usage is right.

This song is indeed bridging the gap between relations and channelizing our youth to be more productive. It's making it easier to unplug and giving ways to get saved from falling into trap of watching the screen constantly.

Check it out now on the YouTube channel of Saint Dr. MSG if you have not seen it yet. From writing lyrics to singing & composing, everything is done by Saint MSG Himself. You will surely admire the song and the way of representation channelizing our youth. For more updates, keep visiting this space!