18th June, Satsang Glimpses-Dharamshala Distt. Kangra Himachal


The word guru is composed of two words that is ‘gu’ plus ‘ru’. The word ‘Gu’ refers to gloominess or darkness and ‘ru’ means light. The one who has the power to ignite the lamp of true knowledge in order to awaken the masses is called true saint.

The above lines are sermoned by Saint  Dr.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan during the spiritual congregation of 18th June,2017 held at Police Ground, Dharamshala (Himachal Pardesh).
Revered Saint calmed down the curiosity of masses by answering the questions being raised during the congregation. 2520 people blessed with pious method of meditation and swore to quit evils of society along with adopting mankind.

The main agenda of congregation revolves around meditation of supreme power. The entire aura of Police Ground was covered with spiritual music when Saint Dr.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insansang a composition namely “liyejaprabhukanaamliyeja, amritrasghuntpiyeja” in his magical voice. Saint said that the word Gurmantra has its roots in our rich history of spirituality and mythology.

There is a myth among people in today’s society that gurumantra are some permutation or combination of words given by guru. But truth totally differs. The fact is that gurumantra are those words which although told by a Saint but the saint has already practiced these words and reaped out endless positivity, self confidence and many more seen unseen things or miracles before passing on to others. Revered saint added that meditation is the only way to wipe away negativity from life by boosting up the self confidence. Increase in self confidence will provide solutions to various problems of life from within oneself. He added that whatever we reap is the result of what we think. If we have possible attitude towards a problem then it is sure that the final outcome will be positive and vice versa. In the same manner if a student thinks that if may not score merit in his exam than more chances are there that he may fail in exams and on the other hand if the student studies with positivity with the aim of merit than definitely his result would be merit only.

Revered saint added that God’s words are the source of that miraculous power which can easily cure fourth or last stage cancer. Boost up self confidence to the heights where each problem is sorted out very easily. One can change what is already written in our destiny.  No other living or non living creature possesses the power to do so. It is very true that the amount of hard work we are doing is not paying us equal amount of benefits. This is because of the accumulated bad deeds of past that we are unable to reap same amount of benefits.

The only one way to shook away all the accumulated bad deeds is meditation. God’s words definitely helps in quitting evils. Revered Saint said that one should always follow his positive gut feeling. When one go against whatever is soul or sub-conscientious mind tells than most of the time one has to pay in form of diseases to body. So it is better to meditate on regular basis and follow the positivity of our soul.

Revered saint added that since the inception of this universe the supreme power- God is the king who never charge even single penny from anyone in lieu of infinity things being bestowed to us.

Saint Dr  MSG further sermoned that there is no specified dress code of saints. True saints preaches the real path of life by motivating people to live with unity. This is what the literal meaning of religion(dharma) says. The basic definition of dharma is unity. HE added that one should earn his living by doing hard work with the aim of helping needy.

Revered saint added that people become addicted to drugs either for enjoyment or to forget their problems. But this intoxication is for limited period of time. On the other hand the euphoria of God’s words remains for whole life and is given free of cost at Dera Sacha Sauda.
Dr. MSG added that only meditation can help in shooking away bad deeds. The power and sweetness of God’s words can not be compared with anything present in this mortal earth. So one should meditate with full concentration. Those who meditate daily are able to grasp the source of immense happiness. The words of god are the abstract of our holy books and is preached to masses without any cost. True saint, first practice these words himself to know the result of it than teaches others to reap out benefit from it. Reveres saint also advised parents that if the child is accepting the mistake so committed than it is the duty of parents to forgive the child that very moment and guide him not to repeat such things in future by putting forth both sides of it. There must exist al relation of friendship between parents and children.

The devotees of derasachasauda adopted one more welfare work of taking care of mentally ill and help destitute people who are roaming on roads to reach their home. Revered saint blessed all those people who are involved in this work.