Feb 3, 2023

Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing- Standing Tall in the Dark Hour| 22nd Foundation Day Special

Meet the only force serving before, during, and after exigencies by reaching people of all age groups with lifesaving aids.

Global crises including human-caused and natural disasters make an adverse impact on not just people but the whole environment. When own blood relations lose interest, then aspiring for help from others is of no worth. People provide little to no help in such circumstances. However, there are some superheroes who provide long-term assistance without asking for anything in return.

Recognizing the urgent need to serve people, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan established a unique force that works on the values of humanitarianism. Responded to uncountable emergencies, this force has set an unparalleled paragon in the world of humanity. Natural disasters force people to exploitation, violence, and diseases. Here, this force makes even impossible possible by taking greater risks and stepping up innovatively to save people.

On February 2001, this force got birth when mankind was in dire need of it. Earthquakes in Gujarat made lives so risky that people were finding themselves on the verge of extinction. It was this force of Saint Dr. MSG that ignited hope to live in the people who underwent the trauma of the earthquake. 

The foundation day of such a brave force is celebrated in Dera Sacha Sauda with great pomp & show. Let us take you to these special commemorations and let you have a super-special time.

The Warriors to Armour Humanity!

The warriors of humanity are the heart of this unique force. It’s their ability that they respond to every complex emergency whenever required and work collectively to save people who are at the greatest risk. Their bold and innovative actions deliver the best results even in high-risk settings.  Managing every challenge and opportunity, they present an impeccable example of humanity.

The true happiness and joy of life lie in lifting people up. The unexampled courage remains in saving people in need. Whether it was an earthquake of 7.7 magnitudes or a cyclone that hit lives deeply, these real saviors salvaged the lives of victims in a greater sense. The people who don’t get covered by any authority are provided with on-time help by the volunteers of Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing.

They are mindful of living conditions and any adversity they may face during delivering their services. Every new situation has new challenges such as limited accommodation options, human suffering, diseases, and many other sorts of restrictions.

22nd Foundation Day is dedicated to Sports and Cultural Activities

The 22nd Foundation Day was a big commemoration. The day was fully packed with sports and cultural activities. Besides keeping humanity always on priority, these warriors remain physically fit and celebrate by showing their mettle in the sports field as well. Many games were played by them and all age groups people participated in them.

In Rumal Chhu Women, Haryana defeated Punjab by 65-36 points. Haryana also defeated Punjab in a tug-of-war game and set their bar high.

Lifting weight with teeth by handstanding was the central attraction point of the event. Vikas Insan proved his mettle by lifting 101 kg of weight. Not just him, but his 14-year-old son lifted 51 kg of weight and his 9-year-old son lifted 21 kg of weight, which was completely outstanding.

Many such games wrapped in sportsmanship spirit were played by the volunteers before Revered Guruji and Guruji motivated them all and honored them with trophies. Different states also encouraged them with cash prizes.

Similarly, state-wise youngsters presented cultural activities and their unique acts & dance themes amazed the audience to the core. The most-talented students of Shah Satnam Ji educational institutes made an indelible impression with their dance & acting skills before the audience.

Revered Guruji acclaimed each of the participants and honored the winners with trophies and t-shirts. The sportsmanship spirit and dedication to serving humanity were beyond measure.

‘Humanity is Religion’

There’s no parallel example of how Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing volunteers put their own lives at stake to save others' lives.

A recent incident testifies to their dedication when a mid-day cloudburst in Uttarakhand caused devasted landslides and flood situations. Revered Guruji sent 200 volunteers there including 15 doctors, one mobile hospital, and 33 trucks of disaster relief items. They went on such dangerous ways that are beyond everyone’s imagination to reach. They were camping in Guptkashi and from there to Kalimath, there was no way to reach than crossing the Mandakini river.

But they didn’t lose hope and reached out to the other shore with the help of a fallen tree. The team of doctors had put that big tree into the deep river and through that, they reached out to people and saved lives. The victims were stunned on witnessing that level of spirit as they lost all hopes of having help there. It was a miracle for them who reached their Revered Guruji and gave every minute detail of serving people and the team followed the same. There’s no parallel example of their courage and commitment to serve mankind and that too without taking any monetary remuneration.

Even one volunteer fell down in 200 feet deep trench. The volunteer was lifted up via airlift but still, the courage of that volunteer was unparalleled. Even after getting stitches, he said I want to go there again to serve people because my mission to save mankind is not fulfilled yet. It’s out of the world!

It’s just one example, the history of Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ Welfare Force Wing is brimmed with such brave examples. Whether it was Gujarat’s earthquake in 2001, the tsunami in Andaman Nicobar in 2004, the earthquake in J&K in 2005, the Orissa flood in 2008, the severe fire incident in Darjeeling in 2012, Uttrakhand flood in 2013, and many other incidents depict their priceless contribution in saving mankind.

Mentioning here the year-wise detail doesn’t mean that they have just saved lives in these particular incidents. We pinpointed it as these were the major highlighting disasters where reaching out to the public was a big challenge for authorities, but this force reached there without any fear and without asking for anything in return.

However, they extend help to needy ones on daily basis. Not a single day of them passes out without saving the dying humanity. They are currently carrying on 151 welfare works worldwide that cannot be imagined by others. These volunteers are proving their mettle and creating a fairer world for everyone. No words will suffice how grateful we all feel for having Revered Saint Dr. MSG in our lives.

By creating this force, Guruji has given an assurance to the world that no matter how big the disastrous situation is, these humanitarian warriors will always be there to serve relentlessly & selflessly to save people and the nation.