Mar 4, 2013

41-TRIAL-Abide by the Holy Sermons of Saints 167

269-TRIAL-One can attain the divine happiness by following the holy sermons only. When one becomes a prey to lust, avarice, ego, anger and attachment his devotion is deducted and one becomes restless. So, one must listen to Saints' sermons intently because they are the messengers of God only. Those who comply with the divine discourses they experience the holy grace and compassion forever and become brim full with eternal happiness. Egotism leads to misdeeds.

On being entangled in the cobweb of mann (negative aspect of mind), wealth, lust and ego one losses everything. Therefore it is required to tame the mann with the resort to Gurumantra and altruistic services. A flamboyant pretends to be a great devotee but if one is not able to bridle the negative thoughts shows one's unfaithfulness. On the contrary a true theist has a great control on thoughts and thinks a million times to speak ill about anyone; as all are a creation of God. So, one must never say immoral to anyone. Unless one follows the holy sermons one cannot become worthy of holy grace and compassion. Holy grace is being bestowed by the Almighty forever but to attain that one needs to control one's emotions, recite the method of meditation and render selfless services. 138