Aug 16, 2022

Devotion and humanitarian activities got new momentum on the Holy Incarnation Day of Saint Dr. MSG

The Incarnation Day of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan strikes a chord with every heart. The massive celebrations are happening all over the world. With hearts filled with unmatched gaiety, devotion, and love for their master, millions of devotees reached Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Sirsa on 15th August 2022 for celebrations. This day holds a special place in every devotee’s heart and they celebrate it in unique ways. They make every attempt to please their master by practically following the teachings of their master wholeheartedly.  

The birthday of the Spiritual Master is the most divine event. The day when His Holiness incarnated on this mortal world to dispel negativity and spread positivity was the most special and sacred. The true saints are messengers of Supreme Power. They are descendent on earth from the holy abode to bring a desired revolutionary change in the universe with their actions. On 15th August 1967, His Holiness took birth and His teachings & guidance are proving a panacea to save the dying humanity.  

It turned the lives from hell to heaven and devotees await this day with bated breaths. This year too, with endless impetus the devotees reached and enjoyed the spiritual vibes of the Bhandara event. Several disciples heard the LIVE Bhandara program at their homes. Coincided with Independence Day of India, the birthday is celebrated by performing various deeds that uplift the glory of the nation as well. The devotees do not step back in doing welfare work globally. They planted maximum trees, break their own records, extend help to the destitute and perform every noble deed to please their master.

The day was inundated with immense faith, jubilation, and devotion!

Unparalleled reverence, faith, and amazing zeal were seen in disciples for holy incarnation day on 15th August 2022. The Bhandara celebrations started at 11 am, however, the pandal was fully packed with disciples even before starting the celebrations. As far as the eyes could behold the roads, it was overflown with gathering all around. They were reaching by ​​dancing, singing, and expressing their immense happiness. They congratulated each other by heart for the arrival of this pious day. 

The scared Bhandara event began with the congratulation to the Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan by reciting the Holy Slogan of 'Dhan-Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra'. After this, the disciples glorified the event by singing devotional hymns and then the holy words of Revered Guru Ji were played on the big screens, which were listened to by everyone by heart. On this occasion, Revered Guru Ji said that Satsang, Seva, and Simran (Spiritual congregations, selfless services, and medication) are three such things, which are very important for the soul.

The spiritual congregations make people free of mental disturbance, negativity, and all-day problems. During this, a documentary was also played and the pious 11th letter of Revered Guru Ji was narrated to devotees. The hearts poured with love and reverence by listening to the sermons of Guruji and they pledged to act as guided by His Holiness. 

At the end of the congregation, holy langar and parshad were distributed to all the devotees within a couple of minutes. 

The whole nation painted in the hues of patriotism

In the pious 11th letter, His Holiness directed all to hoist National Flag adhering to the rules & regulations. Following that, millions of devotees hoisted the national flag at their homes, offices, and on their vehicles. They saluted the flag and extend respect to all freedom fighters & patriots who laid their lives to raise the glory of the nation.

This movement painted the whole nation in the tricolor giving an immense boost to patriotism.  At the Bhandara event, tricolor flags were also distributed to lakhs of people. The fluttering tricolor fills every heart with pride and deep reverence towards the nation.  

A mega initiative to remind our duties toward the environment!

On the day of incarnation, the disciples gave gifts of trees and their presents are best to nurture the planet. They planted trees in maximum numbers and devoted the complete day to humanitarian activities as taught by His Holiness.

Dera Sacha Sauda has worked on improving the present state of people belonging to every walk of life. Afforestation and tree plantation are the top ways to tackle pollution and other environmental crisis. The disciples' plant trees and even nurture them so that these trees can benefit the whole mother earth, thereby benefitting the whole universe. It purifies the air from pollutants and even purifies the whole cosmos that helps every living being to breathe and live freely. It’s in the aftermath of this drive that the AQI index has dramatically weaved in many areas where these trees are more and successfully running too. 

The 15th of August witnessed a surge of tree plantations in every area of the whole globe as devotees celebrate the day by restoring nature. Their enthusiasm gives a perfect reminder of our duties towards the environment.

Devotion to run welfare works got a meteoric success

No day is ever wasted by Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers without performing humanitarian deeds. And when it comes to incarnation day celebration of the master whose inspiration is creating humanitarian waves in society then the welfare works take a new tempo. With unusual passion and spirit to celebrate welfare deeds, the volunteers performed many welfare deeds.

The day’s first welfare was done by our ideal mentor, Saint Dr. MSG Himself. He sent feed bags and green fodder to cowsheds for the better health and survival of our precious assets, cows. This nutrition feed will definitely prove a boon for the cows. All His acts inspire millions and tread the ways to perform these humanitarian acts.

Here’s a sneak peek at the welfare works performed on this sacred day!

  • Planted 37,30,462 plants globally to give a secured green cover to our Mother Earth
  • Hundreds of quintals of feed and green fodder are sent to the cowsheds for the survival of cows
  • 155 Free ration kits distributed to needy families
  • 15 Free nutrition kits, towels, and bed sheets distributed to senior citizens
  • 15 Nutrition food kits distributed to destitute children and free treatment to the needy
  • National Flags were distributed to the devotees

Jan Kalyan Parmarthi Medical Camp was organized at Shah Satnam Ji Specialty Hospital, Sirsa on 15th August 2022. Free medicines and free tests have been conducted for all people who arrived there. It’s worth noticing that every year these camps are organized where thousands of people get benefitted.

All in all, the day was full of blessings. The devotion oozes out and the people from all states reached out to attend the spiritual congregation and Bhandara celebrations. There was no space on traffic grounds and till the end of the event; the vehicles were reaching in long queues.  In the run-up to the celebrations, the devotees commemorate the whole month in the best possible ways across the globe. With devotion brimmed in every heart, they extended prayers for better health, long life, and the permanent arrival of Guruji. His presence is quintessential for society and devotees prayed for early and permanent arrival so that the universe can turn out as a better place to live with positivity and selflessness.