Sep 21, 2022

Greetings on the onset of ‘Great Benevolence’ Day | Special on Royal Coronation of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

A true saint touches zillions of souls with His divine energy. His appearance, novel initiatives, and unparalleled grace bring magic to lives. The Almighty filled infinite power within us but we are unable to unveil it. It is this messenger of God that helps us learn to unwrap the treasure of powers and blessings we hold within. The divine spirit transforms our lives by teaching the way to live and paying gratitude to the creator for bestowing such a beautiful life full of possibilities and divinity.

Once in a while, such a saint is descendent from the heavenly abode by the Supreme Creator. Our land has witnessed infinite examples of philanthropic saints and sages who devoted their lives to mankind. But the one who transformed many lives and brought forward many nail-biting initiatives is quite rare. Dissolving casteism, bringing transgenders to mainstream society, adopting prostitutes, stopping female foeticides, and many such revolutionary steps that none of the saints have taken before.

We are blessed on having such a spiritual saint whose actions and unique thoughts are providing a new direction to society and that is Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. There are no words to pay reverence to Revered Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj for choosing the best successor and passing on the reign to His Holiness who is presenting an unseen paragon of generosity, selfless love, care, and protection of the whole universe.

It was the blessed day of 23rd September 1990 when Shah Satnam Ji declared His next successor in spirituality this entire month is renowned as ‘Great Benevolence’ month and each disciple celebrates this utmost benevolence by Revered Param Pitaji on the whole universe. It is the month when ‘Radiance met Radiance’ and gave us the true mentor, mother, father, brother, guide, and all in all the best spiritual master. Even though the messengers of God are pre-decided even before starting of the universe by the Supreme Power Almighty, in the history of Dera Sacha Sauda, it was September month when the golden moments of royal coronation took place and Saint Dr. MSG was revealed as the third spiritual master.

A unique mission to prosper humanity in every heart!

The mission to make this world a better place by realizing humans about their purpose to live and connect with the Almighty is marching since 1948. And it got a new direction with renewed energy since 1990 when Saint Dr. MSG got the entitlement of running the spiritual hub, Dera Sacha Sauda. Under His navigation and guidance, it will not be wrong to say that today Dera Sacha Sauda is a powerful hub of 60 million warriors who made humanity their religion and consistently marched to rejuvenate society with their altruistic actions.

These warriors serve people by using weapons of compassion & selfless love and win their battles to beat negativity & hatred in society. The world needs most of it and so is Guruji. His teachings are wondrously steering people and converting them into the biggest inspiration.

The journey embarked in September- The month full of blessings and benevolence

The month of September is awaited by the disciples with baited breaths. This month, the divine legacy of Dera Sacha Sauda was passed on to Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan by Revered Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj. The blessed day was 23rd September 1990 which brought enormous blessings to millions of lives. This big favor on mankind by Revered Shah Satnam Ji is entitled the ‘Great Benevolence’ as this day of this pious month, His Highness transformed into His young avtar in the face of Saint Dr. MSG.

Since childhood, the exceptional activities, respect towards parents, and providing lifetime happiness to them kept on startling the villagers. The people used to acclaim His Holiness for all His ways and modest nature that please every one of them. They were quite sure that He is not an ordinary child with ordinary skills, instead His ways gave clear indications to them of being the super soul.

At the age of 23, His Holiness left His home and embarked on His journey as the spiritual leader of the world-famous humanitarian and spiritual organization, Dera Sacha Sauda. He is the only child born after 18 years and just on one call of Revered Shah Satnam Ji, the respected parents of Saint Dr. MSG presented a peerless example of sacrifice. A famous saint of that time, Saint Triveni Das had prophesied about this even before the birth of His Holiness. He told the respected parents that His Holiness will remain with them for 23 years and then will embark on His journey for which He will be sent on this mortal earth. And, the same happened! At 23, Saint Dr. MSG was enthroned on the reign of Dera Sacha Sauda, and under the guidance of His Holiness, disciples are heading towards goodness and righteousness.

“Visualize us in the young body!”- Revered Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj

On the divine auspicious day of royal coronation, His Highness Param Pitaji addressed the devotees and made everyone understand the importance of that moment. Param Pitaji cleared it before the devotees that whoever loves & respects Him (Saint Dr. MSG) is respecting and loving us. You can view us in the young body in the form of Hazoor Pitaji Sant Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Param Pitaji assured everyone of thriving welfare activities multiple times under the best supervision of Saint Dr. MSG and ensured to continue the spiritual proceedings while sitting in the young embodiment, Hazoor Maharaj.

As promised, Shah Satnam Ji made Saint Dr. MSG the most philanthropic and courageous to face any damn difficult situation. His Holiness said that even if the mountains strike MSG then those will shatter that into pieces. No negative power will be able to overpower Him and the rest is history! The disciples are experiencing the same and feel so fortunate on having the most adoring and caring master who keeps them protected from every trouble or mishap.

23rd September- The day full of devotion and welfare activities!

The day initiated with paying reverence to Supreme Master. The holy slogan ‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra’ was chanted and the celebrations began. Reaching from far-off places, every devotee came with a heart full of pride and excitement. The joy on their faces was a beautiful vista to behold. 

September month is fully celebrated by extending help to the needy and performing maximum welfare activities. It remains the agenda of every devotee to celebrate every moment and make this month even more special and memorable. The welfare works are the gateway to attain immense blessings of the Almighty and they leave no stone unturned in fetching this blessedness. 

The day of 23rd September is a gateway to extreme blessedness for all. Everyone celebrated it in full swing by performing the welfare works to the maximum. Always, Saint Dr. MSG, Himself set a paragon of compassion and generosity before the world by performing welfare activities. This time too, 132 free ration kits were distributed to the extremely needy families from Revered Guruji’s side. Respected Honeypreet Insan (daughter of Saint Dr. MSG) also contributed her bit to welfare activities and followed in the footsteps of Revered Guruji. The joy and assurance of having food were unparalleled on their faces. 

Moreover, 13 tricycles have been distributed to the needy ones. It’s surely the way to empower them. One mentally retarded person was given a new life. DSS volunteers helped him get treated and reunited them with their family members. The family thanked His Holiness for giving such great guidance and boosting the volunteers in performing such impactful welfare works. It’s through their collective efforts of them that they got their family member back.

A free Jan Kalyan Parmarthi camp (medical camp) was organized at Shah Satnam Ji Specialty Hospital, Sirsa. Here the needy patients got free check-ups and got expert consultations from specialist doctors. It was surely a privilege for those who couldn’t afford treatment and expert advice from doctors because of the expensive fee structure. Thankfully, with the guidance & inspiration of Saint Dr. MSG, these camps are availing free services to the underprivileged and helping them triumph over diseases easily. 

Pious 12th Letter- A booster for every MSGian

The heart of every MSGian swallowed in pride after getting the pious letter from Saint Dr. MSG. This 12th letter was again a booster for the devotees. From the pious letter, His Holiness addressed all to perform maximum welfare works and remain firm to the principles. Everyone promised to stay firm, loyal, and united always and follow the sermons of His Holiness till the last breath. Guruji congratulated all on the pious day of Benevolence and showered holy blessings. The letter was full of blessings and Guruji’s presence is a boon for all the MSGians in their lives. 

Today, millions are following the footsteps of His Holiness and inspiring others with their noble acts. Dera Sacha Sauda is today recognized as the biggest spiritual hub with 65 million followers who follow it with all their hearts. It has grown beyond bounds remarkably under the supervision of His Highness. Today infinite people have got the real purpose of living a life and spreading love everywhere. Let us commemorate this month in the way guided by His Holiness and perform noble acts to the maximum. Greetings to all!