Jun 5, 2022

How Dera Sacha Sauda is making a difference with its sustainable initiatives? | Special on World Environment Day

The environment sustains us every day, then will it be enough to celebrate the environment for just one day?

June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day. But it must be our regular task to celebrate the environment that keeps us alive. Our little promise of shifting to sustainable endeavors can really make a big impact.

On a sad note, our daily activities take a toll on our whole surroundings, making them toxic and as a consequence, we are facing disastrous outcomes in our routine. Increasing reliance on plastic usage, cutting trees, rising pollution, and many other activities are giving a boost to environmental degradation. Not just a day, we need to realize our everyday duties to save the environment on a large scale.

Environment Day- A reminder to realize our duties!

To encourage transforming changes, this year the theme of World Environment Day is ‘Only One Earth.’ For a greener and sustainable life, we need to realize that we have only one earth and with transformative changes, we can help it sustain in all terms.

With our greener choices and lifestyle, one can live sustainably with nature. The harmony with our environment brings miraculous outcomes but the hustle of city life has lagged these concepts behind. We need to realize that we have only one planet and this is our only home with finite resources.

The way we are exploiting our planet will one day result in the finishing of resources and the day will make us starving for things that we ruthlessly waste regularly.

Your one change today will inspire you to bring another change that will directly impact the whole environment. Our little efforts will be footsteps toward a sustainable society. So, let us work together on this theme and save our only earth by investing in green initiatives.

Millions of hands dedicatedly performing to save our Earth- Dera Sacha Sauda

Dera Sacha Sauda is the world’s only organization that brought up varied initiatives to protect the environment and that too on a global level. Around 6 crore followers are doing their bit by participating in these initiatives wholeheartedly.  

The name behind such a big revolution in the hearts of millions is Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. His Holiness initiated several types of initiatives decades ago that kickstarted the journey of millions towards healthy habits that are protecting our environment in a wondrous way.

It’s not easy to make a way to a healthy & sustainable environment without collective efforts. But one clarion call of His Holiness is enough for millions of devotees to get it done in the best way. Many works have been initiated by Guruji to conserve our planet and following His words, the followers are performing these welfare deeds worldwide.

Get a sneak peek at the mind-boggling planning of Dera Sacha Sauda to get results in upcoming years

Our planet is going through an environmental crisis. The impact of land/ water/ air pollution, climate change, loss of biodiversity, and many other issues are jeopardizing our environmental sustainability. To save it on the big level, Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers are carrying on varied welfare endeavors globally on daily basis.

The vision of Saint Dr. MSG is to make this whole planet healthy by conserving it in the best possible ways. For this, He initiated several types of works that are proving fruitful in environmental conservation and the planet’s sustainability. Let us dive into the deep vision of Guruji through His welfare initiatives!

    1. Reducing Global Warming Footprint with Massive Tree Plantation

Tree plantation is not an up-to-the-minute term. Everyone knows about it and even does it occasionally. But what about the idea of pledging to plant two trees every month for around 60 million people? What will you say if they plant trees on every happy or sad occasion of their lives? Even more, how will you react when millions of people plant trees in lakhs globally to celebrate the birthday of their master?

Well, it's true and with the guidance of Saint Dr. MSG, these 60 million people are already doing so worldwide. They have a ritual of planting trees come what may.

Besides planting, they take care of these plants as their own children. The wondrous part is above 70% of plants are blooming healthily and adding to the wonders of our environment. These volunteers do planting on birth and death anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and on every occasion of life. Isn’t it a brilliant idea?

    2. Helping nature with mega cleanliness drives

Our earth is not a trash basket! People don’t think while disposing of things. They spread garbage or waste items on roads, and in public places and don’t ever think about its impact on the overall environment.

The waste dumped in the open give rise to bacterial infection and around 70-80% chances of diseases increase by it. This trash & litter becomes the major cause of varied types of infections as bacteria gets mixed up with air and hikes up air pollution, which further results in bad health and a bad environment.

To give the right direction to people, His Holiness initiated cleanliness campaigns in different cities. His followers don’t just keep their surroundings clean, but also reach other cities in huge numbers and clean them wholeheartedly so that no one catches diseases.

Think, lakhs of people travel hundreds of kilometers, take a break from their schedule, leave their comfort zone, and reach other unknown cities just to keep people safe from infections and diseases! It’s not as easy as pie, but they do it because of humanitarian values and passion-filled in their hearts by Revered Guruji.  

Their purpose remains in making the areas clean and infection-free. It wondrously impacts the whole environment. The results are clearly visible with facts. In the first campaign conducted in Delhi, the dengue patients graph reduced instantly and all the doctors admired this action of Guruji who saved thousands of lives by conducting a campaign there. It has admirably reduced pollution prints on our earth.

     3. Liberating the earth from plastic choking

Plastic chokes our planet and doesn’t let it breathe. With our little tweaking in lifestyle, this problem can be resolved. By minimizing plastic product usage, we can really bring a positive change to our environment.

For this, Saint Dr. MSG initiated a noble work to shun plastic usage whereby the followers prefer taking cloth or jute bags instead of plastic bags. Plus, they recycle plastic for home decoration, planting trees in those waste plastic tins, containers & bottles and using them as bird feeders to help birds survive during the scorching summers.

They recycle, reuse and repair plastic items already in use and do maximum attempts in minimizing the use of plastic. This is surely a good way to reduce the carbon footprint on our planet that is on a rise with the increasing pace of plastic on our earth.

    4. Channelize stubble instead of burning

Crop residue burning is common not just in North India, but also in other parts of the country. Once the stubble gets burnt then the air quality drops down tremendously.

As per a study, crop residue burning releases carbon monoxide of around 9 million tonnes, carbon dioxide of approx. 150 million tonnes, sulfur oxide of 0.25 million tonnes, black carbon of 0.07 million tonnes, and many other toxic gases that contribute to environmental pollution directly.

Besides the soil fertility harmed by this act and solubility capacity of the upper soil layer reduces too much extent, thereby this enemy harms the organic quality of the soil. Then why do it?

Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan suggested the best way of utilizing stubble that will not harm the environment and soil’s fertility, and this is by utilizing it as fodder for cows. The crop residue can be deposited in cow houses and you will also become capable of attaining blessings in return.

Millions of followers took pledges for doing the same and they are collectively doing efforts on saving the environment from the disastrous results of stubble burning.

     5. Reduce harmful exposure to the environment by opting for Organic farming

Being the prominent Agricultural Scientist, Saint Dr. MSG introduced varied scientific/ organic farming techniques. These techniques are proving fruitful to farmers as they are now earning more than ever. The biggest benefit of it is on the whole environment as it restricts harmful chemical exposure that ends up in soil contamination.

There’s no nitro release in water bodies with organic farming which saves water from getting polluted. To curtail global warming effects, organic farming is simply the best. As per recent research, reducing the carbon footprint on the planet slows down the harmful process of climate change.  

Guruji also sponsors ‘Kisan Melas’ in Sirsa, Haryana where He used to tell the tactics of organic farming that save the whole environment from disastrous outcomes and make the farmers self-dependent.

    6. Energy & water-saving techniques are doing wonders

Moreover, His Holiness shared energy-saving and water harvesting techniques that are proving fruitful for the planet. Today, 60 million people are mindful of their actions towards the environment and do not waste water and energy in any term.

It's just a glimpse of environmental conservation ways that Dera Sacha Sauda is already implementing on a global level. The vision of Guruji is far bigger and words fall short to wrap up everything in one go.

If Guruji has not initiated these campaigns, especially tree plantation drives on the global level then the results of the Corona epidemic might have been even more vicious and out of control. Because if trees have not been planted in such a huge number, then people could never have realized their duties towards saving, planting, and nurturing trees, as a result, the death figures might have soared rapidly because of the non-availability of natural oxygen.

Its indeed a big favor to mankind and timely action to save the environment. Dera Sacha Sauda’s efforts are enough to remind us that our sustainable living will give some extra breath to our planet. We have only one choice to live as we have Only One Earth, so let us increase its life with our transforming actions to save the environment. Let us become responsible citizens and do a bit for nature after all we have only one earth.