Aug 19, 2022

Live Sessions of Saint MSG Give Meteoric Boost to Society’s Welfare

It goes without saying that every MSGian felt on cloud nine after getting glimpses of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Guruji was on 30-day parole and resided in Dera Sacha Sauda, Shah Satnam Ji Aashram in Barnawa, UP. The magical spiritual aura of Thy presence loaded everyone with immense blessings and happiness.

Every fraction of a saint’s life is dedicated to the welfare of society. Exemplifying the same, Saint Dr. MSG consistently uplifted society, without wasting a single second. Guruji gave live and recorded sessions on YouTube and Instagram. The disciples were overjoyed by getting these sessions. Besides giving a boost to societal welfare, these sessions proved as a boon to eradicating social evils as well.

If you want to have a mission statement for your life, then these sessions are the perfect dose for you. Put your foot forward by hearing Guruji live and bring sweeping changes in your life. To raise your determination level, and daily motivation and to bring positive change in society, these sessions brought revolutionary changes.

Here we have compiled these valuable messages if you have missed them. Also, we have embedded the links to ensure you don’t get spared of this heavenly surprise!

Father’s Day Special

Father’s Day holds a special place in our hearts. This day turned ultra-special when Saint Dr. MSG shared a video on YouTube that grabbed everyone’s attention. The rhyming words and soothing voice worked as a medicine to heal the wounds of long wait. 

Besides giving blessings, Guruji admired the endless passion of disciples to follow each of His sermons. His Holiness inspired the masses for humanitarian services, selfless love & care for all religions. Indubitably, His every action gives a new lesson to the world to uplift humanity in a unique way.

Kick out anger and boost inner strength

The fire of anger burns you and all others who surround you. His Holiness said that lack of willpower, not following the religions and having a wrong lifestyle, eating habits and wrong company become prime reasons for getting angry.

Giving the solution to this, Guruji emphasized God’s words as it is the single tonic to hike willpower. No other way can get it done. Guruji said, when you get angry then just see your face, how your expressions change. Even people do wrong to their families in anger. 

Many other reasons are the wrong impact of games on children. They are learning how to fight and kill others to win their race. Instead, games should be based on humanity, some parameters or standards should be fixed on every stage and kids should have been boosted to pass these stages to get awarded. This can become an amusing way to control anger and learn humanitarian values.

Moreover, everyone should have control over their thoughts. The food we eat today consists of pesticides and many chemicals, which makes it dangerous for not just our physical health but mental health also. 

All in all, when you get angry, give yourself some time. Take one day and your anger will diminish automatically. Hear both sides take decisions, instead of following others quickly.

Guruji also suggested making a ‘Mahabharat’ room in every home. Whenever you get angry, just go to that room and fight there. It will help you overcome your anger and also keep your children away from learning bad habits. They stay in a positive environment and keep negativity at bay. 

Prevention of maternal and child undernutrition

Many poor pregnant women fall prey to malnutrition. They take quite less quantity of nutrition than actually required. It eventually impacts their own and their newborn’s health. For their better health, His Holiness appealed to everyone to help such women as much as possible so that the future generation of the nation remains healthy & disease-free. 

From their diet to treatment, everything should be taken care of. Besides, Guruji said to spare one (minimum) regularly so that you can help them with the collective amount. Also, Guruji urged all doctors to give free services to these women so that financial constraints don’t become a reason for any mishap or weakness. 

Humanity- Every human’s topmost aim

We are humans but rarely do people follow humanity. When someone got hit by accident or someone got beaten, people usually start making videos instead of helping them. Even if animals help each other in need, then why not we humans? 

In today’s selfish era, people don’t perform humanitarian tasks and don’t know the meaning of humanity either. To help someone in need and try my best to remove their pain is humanity. However, all are distancing from reality and usually, people don’t bother if someone is in distress or pain. 

Why humans are considered the most special? The human body is superior to all other creatures. The reason is humans can get emancipation from all sorrow by reciting God’s words. Also, only humans have the power to save others’ lives. If we as humans don’t realize our duties to uplift humanity then who will? His Holiness urged all to be responsible and do efforts in saving lives.

Take care of senior citizens

Forgetting the roots is the biggest mistake one can ever do. Making everyone realize the importance of senior citizens in our lives, Saint Dr. MSG initiated a new welfare work of taking care of senior citizens and providing every possible help for their wellbeing. In today’s era, people abandon their parents and leave them in old-age homes. Hearing their plight, Guruji initiated new work and DSS volunteers are consistently meeting them and extending every possible care to them. In the live session too, Guruji urged all to respect their elders and take care of them. 

Valuable tips for better health

These sessions were not less than a panacea for all. His Holiness shared health tips to keep everyone fit & healthy. He was guided to change his eating habits, the way to eat & chews, brushing his teeth after eating, and many more. 

Also, Guruji provided mango eating tips that keep you healthy. Guruji said that if you prefer taking mangoes instead of sweets then it will surely be fruitful for your health. 

Those who are patients with insomnia got many tips for better sleep, like not drinking an ample amount of water before going to sleep, do not wear tight clothes, do not wear socks, and many more.

Prayers for people who stuck in natural disasters

The thoughts and actions of His Holiness are loaded with deep meanings that can be understood only at the right time. For the people who suffered from floods, earthquakes, and all other natural disasters, His Holiness prayed and also asked everyone to pray for them. Guruji directed the disciples to continue ‘Akhand Simran’ for the well-being of all and the welfare of the whole universe. 

Spiritual Scriptures- A Great Treasure

In one session, Guruji emphasized the importance of spiritual scriptures. Our saints & sages gifted us the treasure of spirituality by wrapping it up in holy books. But people in the modern era, don’t believe in these scriptures. They think it to be a waste of time to read it. However, they are unaware that all these things that are visible today have been already mentioned thousands of years ago. 

Gold, diamonds, etc. are extracted from the ocean, which was already mentioned in the scriptures by our saints about these precious gems and the ways to extract them. Religions are super science. Even the virus was discovered in 1890-92 and bacteria in 1676, however, our holy books already have information about these microorganisms. There’s no point in saying that these scriptures are not true or fact-based. The secret to getting success has also been mentioned in the holy books long ago. 

Bouncing hearts overjoyed with pious glimpses!

Getting these live sessions, the disciples were overjoyed and celebrated the moments in their own ways. They lighted ghee lamps, made rangolis, danced, sang songs, and distributed sweets. They even decorated their homes with colorful strings in the happiness of having pious glimpses.

These live sessions are surely the best dose for the disciples. His Holiness smashed all rumors about Him and management authorities by guiding the disciples about truth. We are obliged on getting guidance on all matters. It was indeed the need of the hour and society will get deep lessons in making this world a better place.

If you still have not got connected Heart-to-Heart to MSG then get it done now. Watch it now!