Jul 8, 2016

Almighty God is always here to assist everyone

If anyone keeps one step towards Almighty with determination, may HE move thousands of steps closer to him, this is my prayer to God. Faith is a prayer in itself. Also, if you meditate regularly along with selfless services, it becomes a perfect combination. You're seeing how weather has changed to good. At some places, this better conditions of rain has brought happiness, while at other places, it has brought calamity. So I pray to Almighty that the former remains the same and the victims of latter conditions are relieved. Similarly, when one comes in Satsang (Spiritual Congregation) and adopts the sermons in his life, all his accumulated sins are cleared off. It's like a boat to someone who's drowning. So method of meditation is a ship for the escape from this mundane life. So always remember to pray in the name of God and don't fall prey to distractions or laziness. This is the reason why Saints hold Satsangs, and those who abide by their sermons lead contented lives. But those who listen but don't adopt the sermons in their lives are really unfortunate.

Suppose a man gets lost in a forest and he finds only one way out. He doesn't know about its safety or correctness. Had he used his rationale, he'd have known that it's full of danger. But instead he just walked through it and gets robbed by thugs, harmed by wild animals and gets trapped in the swamp.

On the other hand, there's a man who knows the forest completely but still walks on the wrong path, aware of all the dangers. Similarly, there are some people like this who took the method of meditation but fall prey to Mann (the negative power).   "Dadda dosh na kahu dijiye, dosh karma apneya; jo mai kiya so mai paya, dosh na dijiye avar janaa", i.e. if you walk on such path knowingly, then only you are responsible for your deeds, neither God nor His saint.   So you already know about the consequences, still why do you choose to disobey the sermons for temporary pleasures? And when you do so, you will definitely face sorrows in near future. Be prepared for it then. That's the time when you pray, when you are surrounded with failure. Animals too become young, you are no different. The youth that is spent as preached by the true saint, for the selfless welfare and in devotion is the best of the three realms, or when someone starts in childhood and stays till the end is regarded as the best of devotees.   But today people are two faced. They try to befool the Saint and God. They just show that they're devotees but actually disobey the sermons. And when the gloomy time comes, then they cry and plead for relief. To have faith in the Saint, but to not adhere by His preaching is dangerous. When you already know that the path is not correct, why not stop at the right time? But you're all drenched in your youth and outer look. Parents' and Saint's guidance annoys you. If everything is in accordance to your wishes, then you're happy. Today when you'll listen to harsh reality, again you will get irritated that Guruji always targets you. But, being your guide I won't let you do such bad deeds. People of all age groups are trapped in the evils. Only those who truly love God are safe otherwise all are puppets of their Mann. When someone has well nutritious food to eat, why would he choose rubbish instead? But it is seen these days that few children are engaged in having garbage over all the wholesome food, all intoxicated in their youth.

Generally people learn through experiences, as they grow. But a true saint gives all the knowledge in childhood itself. So give up all the vices and connect to the Saint, otherwise you will have to face the effects of your accumulated sins. My job is to guide you, whether you like it or not. There are different kinds of teachers. Some just teach and don't bother about what students learned. Some others take complete pain and ensure that all students achieve merit. But there is one teacher in this Kaliyuga, who keeps on teaching the students, because age is no criterion for him. He guides and saves his students at every step of life and reminds them not to get attached to this transient world. The Mann tempts everyone, but those who obey the Saint are lucky and are blessed with happiness. Others are jealous of them, which further brings more prosperity. God's blessings are always with them and they are always calmed down. They face neither happiness nor sorrows. Because happiness is lack of sorrow, but those who don't suffer, do not know about the happiness. So the obedient devotees always remain in ultimate peace. They experience divine bliss here only. But it needs complete faith, selfless service and meditation. Be regular to Satsang as it helps to remind one of the right and wrong. There are many who just end all their devotion due to bad company. But you must only listen to Saint and no one else, He prays for good of all. There are 3 kinds of people. First, who argue for some time, but finally obey saint. Second, who immediately adopt the saint's sermons. Third and last,   those who constantly question the saint's preaching. They not only drown themselves, but also drown their companions. Shame on such people, and their parents!

Your duty as a devotee is to connect others with the God's name, instead of distancing them. It's the greatest sin to part seeker from God. Those who do it, make their family suffer as well. So always join more and more people with Almighty. If you can't praise Saint or Almighty, its fine but don't say bad about God. "Rakh varj zara in ankhiyan nu, bin satguru dooja takna ni", i.e., no one should be at par with God in your eyes. But some people are diplomatic. They pretend to be loyal and devoted in front of saint but do misdeeds at his back, losing all the spiritual progress they ever made. Earlier, it took centuries to gain spiritual fruits which are now possible within hours. It took time to lose theirs, but not today's. It's lost as fast as it's gained. You might get wrong thoughts, but meditate for five minutes and everything would be fine. But if you implement that bad thought, then you will definitely lose your calmness. This is the thought given by God in my mind today, to remind the age old devotees as well.

One achieves small worldly feats and brags about oneself. On the other hand, the Supreme Power has created this whole universe, planets, flowers and leaves of billion kinds of designs, fragrance and colors. Every human has different skin prints, but God never shows it off like human does. So those who stay humble and down to earth are beloved of God. So I wish that all the devotees till now, around 60 millions, must stay happy in both worlds. My only aim is to guide you, not to frighten or threaten you. A saint always prays for the never ending love between a devotee and the Supreme Power. So always keep hold of your negative powers. "Aida bhola khasm nahi jeda makar charitra na jaane, aide vich ohio vassakdi jedi sab chaturaiyan bhul jave".

God is simple, not innocent or gullible. Apart from the saint, even the most intelligent person of the world uses only 5-10 % of their mind, covering areas of mathematics, computer science, super computers, etc. 90% is still unused. Those who have interest in science, in the Ramayana era, the demon Ravana used up to 30-40% of his mind, while Lord Ram, who was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, used it completely. Ravana was a successful clone maker who had 1 lakh clone sons, cooked food from the lunar energy, could bring rainfall whenever he wanted to, and turned days into nights and vice versa. All this was very simple job for him. He knew all four Vedas, was a successful politician and had rocket that could go anywhere he wanted, which was soundless and pollution free. He did such marvels with around 30-40% of his intellect; just imagine the possibilities if someone could use 100%.

Complete use of the intellect is possible only by true saints, but a normal human being can use at least more than Ravana's. He was a human too, but nowadays people are more lost in the worldly pleasures of more wealth and outer beauty. You must have experienced it, when someone compliments you about your appearance and you see yourself in the mirror, it's not the real image but a virtual one already set in your mind due to the praise. But after few days you notice that it's the same face. So it takes consistency and focus to increase the extent of your mind usage, after which your materialistic knowledge that can serve mankind is enhanced. So no one should boast that he has used much brain for good purpose, all are confined within 5% maximum. But people use their mind more for misdeeds these days. When their evil schemes work, they are happy and appreciate themselves, forgetting that all this leads them to grief only.

Meditate regularly to control your bad thoughts, if you get any immoral thought recite the method of meditation for just five minutes and it will have no effect on your spiritual growth. So it's necessary to attend Satsang, for constant reminders and your life will become happy and contented. Those who stay busy in Satguru's, the lord's work; He stays busy in their work. All their past and future generations would be blessed, for He only has to change the writings. They get many times more pleasure than what they derived from the materialistic world earlier. So stay focused and never kneel down to the negative thoughts.

Revered Param Pitaji has said about the Mann, "Din jaaye raen jaaye re". Some devise fool proof schemes and plans; and its funny when they pass by. But in front of God, it's totally leak proof. They shrug it off in front of us, so we too let it go and let the person deceive himself. Not personally, but in Satsang, we state everything very bluntly for everyone.

Those who repent and apologize in front of the true saint is blessed with happiness, further strength to never give in to anyone else. That's why it's said that, "Ram jharokhe baithke, sabka mujra le; jaisi jiski bhawna, vaisa hi phal de". So dear devotees, always keep the decent thoughts and discard the evil ones, be truthful. Fortunate are those who get to confessing their misdeeds in front of a true saint, otherwise they have to pay for all the accumulated sins anyway.