Archangel Parampitaji’s Coronation Day Solemnised

The day is marked as Grand Gracious Day , since it is honoured with the great Enthronement of benign Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj. Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan benedicted  the followers  on the Serene occasion on Tuesday at Ruhani Majlis at Shah Satnam Ji Dham. He said  that  he prayed for all the  devotees  so that they are able to curb the worldly  longings, and  get blessed by the Almighty with enriched reservoirs and virtuousness. By chanting the Divine’s name one gets closer to the aura and  crosses all obstacles & hurdles on the way, without any halt. He further stated that the staunch followers are blessed with all  those what they  desire, by the grace of omnipotent. This inner strength is result of Sewa and Simran with utmost devotion. The devilish psyche tries  its best to allure the person. But those who keep on believing without any sceptimism, and keep on saying prayers through contemplation , their even nasty deeds results are also slowly transformed and they  become pure.

He sermonises to remain humble, & never indulge in mud slinging. Rather than checking others faults one should just keep on correcting oneself & gaining inner strength through meditation. Devotion knows no artificiality. Those who are earnest and ingenuous ,  don’t need to prove their faith or  devotion towards god, it is just visible  through their mannerisms and actions. The nectar of divinity pour unto them from the heaven’s brink

*Two ailing person were given away Rs. One lakh cheques each

*One amputee got a tricycle

*One more Bhakt-Yodha tied  the nuptial knot with a widow under Jeewan Asha mission