Mar 14, 2013

As One Sows So One Reaps

"Man is entangled in the cobweb of selfishness. Until and unless he comes out of this he cannot become worthy of spiritual bliss. One cannot use ones' mind because by when one's mind is full of vices there are many barriers between the soul and the Almighty." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as "Pita Ji" by more than 50 million faithful followers).

If one wishes to obtain the holy grace and compassion it is required to abide by the sacred preaching's. At first, a person does not follow the sermons after wards one repents over that. Saints, ( Fakirs) never curse anyone on the contrary they warn people in the same way as the doctors gives prior information, precautions and prescription regarding a disease; if one follows them one recovers soon. And if not then it becomes incurable. Same way, if one follows Saints' sermons a person turns out to be happy, else has to repent and then there is no remedy. That means one has to reap what one sows. Everyone has to face the consequences of their committed deeds. So, one must not commit bad deeds. Rather one must do good deeds. Man keeps on doing and hiding the bad deeds from the Almighty and pretends to be a devotee. God Almighty knows each and every thing committed by you in every minute. So, do refrain from bad deeds and commit noble actions to obtain the happiness in both the worlds. Man is habitual to forget the bestowed grace. One never focuses on the fruits of one's committed deeds. Definitely, one has to suffer the consequences of the committed bad deeds. And Saints get depressed to see that. That is why they keep on preaching. It is his fault if he does not follow that. One must listen to and comply with the holy sermons to become capable of holy grace and compassion.