May 5, 2016

Celebration of DSS Foundation Day with High Zeal and Gusto

"This Bhandara, holy congregation is a sight of divine blessings. It has emancipated millions of souls and is closest to our hearts.   This is the auspicious day when Dera Sacha Sauda came into existence. The day of 1948, 29th  April, Sai Mastana Ji Maharaj laid the foundation in Sirsa and taught everyone the most simplistic method to attain the God, Allah, Waheguru and Ram." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan during the spiritual congregation held at Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Sirsa.

Further His Holiness exhorted, "People often think that in the world of Spirituality, the more spiritual text they study, the more knowledge they can gain and the Almighty bestows more blessings on them. From the perspective of world, it is true that with higher studies one gains more knowledge but the same logic does not apply in the journey of Spirituality. If the Master utters a single word and the disciple abides by it then he can see the God within no time.

"Bin amlon ke aalman, ilm nikamme saare; koi amal kama le tu, gar jas lene Satguru dware."

Respected Sikh Gurus have written in Gurbani, "Pad Pad gadde ladiye" which implies that no matter how much you gain knowledge it is worthless if you don't practice it. It is similar to situation where one keeps milk in front of him chanting ghee to come out of milk. It is universal fact that even if the milk is kept for two days, milk will turn sour. Thus neither milk nor ghee was of any utility to the end user.

You were only aware of the fact that there is ghee inherent in milk but you don't know how to separate them. Those who implement and practice know that on asking ghee to come out of milk will not help. One has to set milk in the evening and in the morning curdle it to extract ghee. This is called compliance.

Another example is all of us know that there is water underground but all jamindars and farmers know that it will not come by itself on surface till we do boring, insert pipe, do connection with motor. This is called adherence. Likewise, the Supreme Power resides within everyone.

Sachkhand Hall  spans across 2 lakh square feet. Blood Camp and three more camps were being held there. But they had to be stopped because seekers of Gurumantra exceeded the capacity of the sachkhand hall that there's a scarcity of space. Sangat is sitting within an area of 370 acres of land.

In the Vishnu Puran, it has been quoted that when Vishnu ji took the avatar of a fish, all of Manu's containers fell insufficient. Firstly he took the fish in palms and put in bucket and found that it started overflowing. When the fish was moved over to tub, the fish exceeded the shape of tub and when it was moved over to swimming pool fish grew to exceed the size of pool. When it was moved over to ocean, for the fish it also turned out to be small.

Same way, your love and affection is also growing manifold. Big sized pandals are under construction and there's already much space available, but they are proving to be short in front of your love. Shah Satnam Ji had composed a song, alias a devotional song (though both imply the same), stating that no matter how much area you increase, in front of love and devotion towards God this will all prove to be miniscule. HE also wrote that devotees are coming to satsang despite all impediments; people are trying to stop them by all illicit means."

HE added, "Our aim is not politics, nor of the Sadh Sangat's. Our only aim is to serve the society. WE have been working towards social change; and will continue to work aggressively in coming days. Each and every blood drop of our body has been and will forever be, solely for the betterment of society. Those who took the Method of Meditation are the dear children of God. Those who didn't are also His children as Shah Mastana Ji has mentioned in a hymn, "Chahe kuch bhi karein yatn, vapis tumhe le jayenge",  i.e. no matter what a saint has to do, He always takes His children to the eternal abode.

His sermons are materializing today even after so long. A person is not bad but the vices are; And, if the vices are removed, then a person becomes virtuous. So our aim is to uproot the evils from the society and we are working for it, day and night alike because Shah Mastana Ji set up this Dera Sacha Sauda to connect humans with the Allah, Waheguru, Ram, to keep humanity alive.

Some people ask us that why we use "Insan" after our name, some even argue that if you are Insan then what we are. So tell them that you are a human being and that's it. If someone is really interested and has the guts to hear the truth, you may tell them if they consume intoxicants or non veg, then they are of monstrous nature as these are strictly forbidden in all religions.

In Hindu scriptures i.e. Vishnu Puran and Shiva Puran, it is mentioned that during the ocean churning, all the wholesome products were taken by the humans, deities, and transgender whereas all the intoxicants were consumed by the devils. So Hindu religion discourages the intake of intoxicants otherwise your home, your body will become devilish as a consequence of quarrels, jealousy, hatred, diseases, anxiety, anger, lust, disloyalty.

Sikh scriptures clearly sates "Post bhang afeem madh nasha utar jaaye prabhat, naam khumari nanaka chadhi rahe din raat", i.e. all the worldly intoxicants are temporary and unhealthy. Consume the intoxication of God's love which is eternal in both realms. You'll be pure inside and there'll be radiance on your face very soon.

Islamic scriptures mention  that Shar  means Devil and Aab  implies Water. So, the devotees must abstain from intoxicants to preserve the treasure of their prayers otherwise their life will become hell.

Language varies but the underlying meaning is same. Some people believe that egg and non veg is meant for human beings and elders in villages say that one becomes powerful with non vegan diet. But, in South Africa at least 10 lions keep on playing on an elephant's back. The elephant doesn't bother as if the lions are alike some buzzing flies, while in reality they are roaring! Lions feed on flesh while elephants on fodder, but you can see who has more power."

Furthermore, HE added, "I was a student of Non-Medical, so I see things scientifically. Modern science is just a part of the Mega science of religion. We were taught that the early men fed on non veg, that our ancestors were apes and other constantly changing theories. But I believe we're descendants of humans only because our religions clearly state this. If you think contradictory, bring up a monkey and pass on all property to it, wait for it to the drop the tail and become a human. Just try it once. Such an environment can be created scientifically in a hall by setting the temperature conditions accordingly. So take up this as an open challenge.

The fact is that even a mosquito can't be formed this way. All this is just illogical. And now science has accepted that early men were herbivore. Also, science agrees that Method of Meditation is powerful enough to even change the DNA. If the DNA can be altered then all the diseases can be cured and there's no need of injection, operation or anything else. So this is possible with the God's name only.

Science cannot even confirm that who came first, whether it was the egg or the hen. If it was the egg then how it came without a hen and if it was the hen how it came without being hatched from the egg? The whole of the science world gets confused when questioned the same query. Whereas our holy religions clearly confirm that it was the hen which arrived first. It was then that all of this process began. It is the real truth. Secondly science states that "We are pure vegetarians." We should never consume the meat or the eggs.

For an instance, a goat consumes on grass and in turn its flesh is torn and what would happen to those who feed on the goat's flesh. The condition of those ones would be even worst and beyond one's thinking. So it's not only our religions but also the science which clearly states that we are pure vegetarians and forbid us to consume meat and eggs.

If one consumes on fruits or the raw vegetables, the food gets digested within the duration of 4 hours easily. Boiled vegetables take an average of 4-6 hours for digestion. Even the fried vegetables get assimilated within 10-12 hours. But the scientists have also confirmed that it takes a period of 42-46 hours for meat to be completely assimilated and ingested in our human body which totally damages the digestive system and promotes the growth of the hazardous bacteria and viruses thus weakening our immune system.

On the account of various studies, it has been noticed that 99% of the intestine cancer victims found are mostly non-vegetarian. Thus, these diseases are more prone in the people consuming the non-vegetarian food. The natural non-veg creatures have intestine which is comparatively smaller in size so that food easily gets assimilated and excreted fast. On the other hand, we humans have relatively bigger intestine thus the non-veg food causes a lot of stank in our digestive tract."

In addition, HE said, "Our Guru Shah Mastana Ji not only showed us this true holy path but also taught us how to move on the same and always promoted vegetarianism in His holy preaching. Shah Mastana Ji always preached to quit drugs and if anyone possesses a great desire for drugs, he must drug his soul and mind with the intoxicant of Almighty God's name which really influences one's mind and soul in a highly positive way. One gets overjoyed meditating His holy name. One's joy is reflected on his face itself such that even people start asking the reason of his happiness and joy.

Recently, I was honored with DadaSaheb Phalke Film Foundation Award. You all were overjoyed on the occasion. I dedicate this award to all of you, this award belongs to My Guru Shah SatnamJi , Shah MastanJi and all of you present over here. To receive the award I was called upon the stage. There, a renowned anchor questioned me that Guru ji rest everything is ok but tell me one thing that what do you eat because you look younger each new day. They inquired of me if there is any herb or shrub which I consume daily and requested me to give them the same. I answered him, yes there's a herb that I consume and you too can do the same and the herb is of God's Name. The only thing you need to do is to meditate His holy Name. I told them that I meditate every morning and evening and follow Brahmcharya (celibacy). You all can follow the same method and make yourselves younger each day but you have to truly work hard for it.

Meditation does not require so many efforts; at least it's easier than consuming food. This much I can assure you all. For eating a piece of bread, you'd first have to break a bite, then you'd intake and  consume it, then you'd chew it, then your intestines would start their process for the assimilation and after such a long procedure the food would get digested into the stomach and it's not only over here, you also have to excrete the waste particles out of your body whereas, for meditating no such procedure needs to be done.   Just learn the Method of Meditation and after it the only thing you need to do is move your tongue inside your mouth or meditate in your thoughts. Neither you need to move your hands nor you have to trouble your intestines. Just a little effort to be done is by the tongue. But I assure you that after meditation, the feeling, the positive vibes of God you will get will be beyond your thoughts. It's such a pleasant feeling that it can't be described in words. It will bring the glow of joy on your face; it will make you feel like if you are on the top of this world. Thus, it is the real truth of life.

In today's time humans, just for the sake of temporary pleasures, have spread disharmony and violence everywhere. There is slaughtering in every corner of this world. The passion for fulfilling the taste of the tongue has adversely affected the minds of people.   Some people like sweet food, others may love the salty one or some may even love the bitter taste or some may even die for the worldly pleasures. Though these may give some pleasure but that won't last long. In place of the agitation or the unrest one suffers for temporary pleasures, one meditates the holy name of Ram, Allah, God, Waheguru or whatever you call, you'd get a million times pleasant feeling which won't be temporary and would last with you forever. The drug of God's Name would always be on your mind and always guide you from all the evils."

HE asserted, "Isn't this drug amazing, no new penny is spent and you'd get such joys, such pleasant feelings that will last with you for the rest of the life, not only on this earth but also in the eternal abode!

You suffer so much for the worldly pleasures. I guarantee that recite God's prayer and you'll derive thousands time multiplied pleasure and it would be permanent. It will take time to work but, it will never leave you and is totally free of cost. The biggest thing is that all the intoxicants and non veg destroy lives. You can notice all around you. Those who consume this are always in plight. They say that now we're habitual to it but it is possible to give it up. Doctors inject other chemicals to help you deal with another. So meditate in the name of God to leave your vices. The more you love God, the less pleasure you'll derive from the momentary experiences. That's the difference between worldly and divine intoxication. The former destroys your rationale and defames you in the eyes of your family also, while the latter expands the horizon of your mind, leads you to God and earns you respect in the society as well.

People avoid those who are drenched in worldly pleasures; whereas, those who are high on God's love are wholeheartedly welcomed by the society. So there's such difference between the two kinds of people. God's love leads you to the Supreme Power while the materialistic love leads to hell. So, abstain from intoxicants and non vegan diet. Life is not meant for this. You have got life to see God; to get happiness and satisfaction that you yourself cannot imagine. And you get it by praying to the Allah, Waheguru, Ram. So Shah Mastana Ji, appealed to get over the vices, does and will continue to do so. This is due to divine grace only that devotees are happy and contented so much that they had never imagined."