Nov 29, 2023

Congratulations on the Sacred MSG Bhandara- The Pious Incarnation Day of Revered Sai Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj

The life of a saint unfolds as a sacred journey. Whether through selfless service or profound spiritual teachings, their existence stands as a predetermined blessing. Their life manifests the path for the whole universe. 

Sai Shah Mastana Ji is one such saint, whose life journey was a gift to uplift humanity through kindness and spiritual wisdom. The unsurpassable benevolence and Sai Ji’s love for mankind is unmatched in human history. With the transformative power of selfless service and spiritual teachings, Sai Ji illuminated the path for all seekers of truth and compassion.

Shah Mastana's arrival on earth was not a mere coincidence; it was a divine purpose unfolding. His life, a predetermined blessing, unfolded with a mission to uplift mankind. Revered Sai Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj, the founder and the first spiritual master of Dera Sacha Sauda, gave divine guidance to millions and built a confluence of all religions, known as Dera Sacha Sauda.

The Life Story of Sai Ji

Sai Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj was born to a Rajput family in Kotra province of Balochistan (now in Pakistan). Respected Bapu Pilla Mal Ji and Mata Tusla Bai Ji had four daughters. His Holiness, Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj, was born to them after 18 years with so many prayers. 

Bapu Ji and Mata Ji had deep faith in spirituality. Once a sage came to their home. He made a prophecy that they would soon be blessed with a boy, but the boy would have a higher purpose in life, he would live life to fulfill that divine purpose. Then, a year later, His Holiness Param Pita Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj was born in Kartik Poornima in 1891. The childhood name of his holiness was Khema Mal Ji, which later turned 'Mastanon Ka Mastana- Shah Mastana Ji' by the spiritual master, Huzoor Savan Shah Ji Maharaj.

Authentic Essence of ‘Sacha Sauda’ Blossomed during Childhood

Saints, often revered for their exceptional virtue, compassion, and selflessness, seem to possess a unique quality from an early age. This innate virtue of kindness manifests in various ways, whether through a child's unwavering concern for others, a teenager's dedication to service, or an adult's profound ability to forgive.

Out of many such incidents of Sai Ji, one was at the age of nine. One day, when His Holiness was only nine years old, Mata Ji handed him a batch of sweets with instructions to sell them in the nearby market. On his way, he encountered monks who were starving, and without hesitation, he offered them the sweets meant for sale. Mata Ji, unaware of the encounter, had expected Mastana Ji to sell the sweets for money. Determined to fulfill his mother's instructions, the nine-year-old decided to work in a field, earning money through labor to replace the unsold sweets. His dedication resulted in ‘Sacha Sauda.’ 

During his labor, the owner of the field recognized Mastana Ji and promptly informed Mata Ji of her son's endeavors. This incident showcased Mastana Ji's sincerity and commitment to fulfilling his duties. Upon his return, Mata Ji was moved by the genuine kindness her son displayed by serving the monks. The generous act touched her deeply, revealing the innate spirit of Sacha Sauda (true deeds) in the heart of the young Mastana Ji. Throughout his childhood, his holiness continued to demonstrate numerous instances of kindness and generosity that would later become hallmarks of his divine journey.

Quest for God and Finding the Master 

Saints are born but not made. In a saint's life, every aspect is predetermined. So, to impart lessons to the world, the saint must align their actions with the divine decree.

His Holiness, the Revered Sai Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj, had an enduring quest to connect with the divine. His spiritual journey commenced during his teenage years when Sai Ji made a pivotal decision at the tender age of 14 to leave home in pursuit of God.

Driven by an intense desire to experience the divine, he explored numerous spiritual places and encountered various saints. But none could provide answers or quench his insatiable thirst for God. Mastana Ji's curiosity and unwavering quest for a profound connection with the divine remained steadfast.

One day, Sai Ji received guidance in his quest for the Divine. In a dream, Mastana Ji encountered an elderly man whose voice addressed him to proceed to Byas. Upon hearing these words, His Holiness resolved to journey to Byas in search of the true master.

Then after reaching there, Sai Ji has a glimpse of Revered Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. That day, Huzoor Sawan Shah Ji Maharaj was discussing important matters with the secretary when Mastana caught their sight. This divine meeting led to the divine revelation, and Mastana Ji realized that Huzoor Savan Shah Ji Maharaj was the one appearing in their dreams. This divine meeting was a colossal moment in the history of spirituality as Mastana Ji had found their true spiritual master. 

Holy Sermons and Divine Prophecy of Huzoor Sawan Shah Ji Maharaj

Sai Mastana Ji Maharaj's devotion was unparalleled and boundless. He would joyfully express his spiritual ecstasy to Sawan Shah Ji through dance. Huzoor was profoundly delighted to witness Mastana Ji's devotion.

The profound love of Beparwah Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj amazed Huzoor Sawan Shah Ji. Sawan Shah Ji consistently honored Sai Ji, leaving observers in awe. He gave Sai Ji the name- 'Mastana Shah' (the one who always remained immersed in divinity without having concern with the rest of the world). 

One day, Sawan Shah Ji entrusted Sai Ji with the sacred responsibility of guiding lost souls toward salvation and connecting them with the divine. Assigning the region of Sirsa, Haryana, Sawan Shah Ji instructed Sai Ji to initiate the imparting of Gurumantra. Mastana Ji, expressed concern about language barriers. Sawan Shah Ji reassured him, saying, "Your voice will be the voice of God, attracting people to connect with divinity." Subsequently, Sai Ji requested a way for people to traverse the complex divine passage and asked for such power that would ensure the salvation of those who would take Gurumantra from him. Sawan Shah Ji accepted the request. 

Alongside this, Sai Ji persuaded many with his profound teachings and brought a treasure of happiness for the entire universe, a feat unmatched by any saint in human history for their departed souls until today!

Evolving the divine & miraculous slogan 'Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra'

Sai Mastana Ji expressed admiration for his Guru in various enchanting ways. He used to string metallic bells (ghungroos) around his ankles and danced lovingly to impress Sawan Shah Ji. Sai Ji used to chant diverse slogans to honor his master, such as 'Dhan Dhan Mere Makhan Malaayi Tera Hi Aasra,' 'Haazar Naajar Zindaram Tera Hi Aasra,' and ‘Dhan Dhan Nirankar Saai Tera Hi Aasra,’ and many more. One day, fellow disciples expressed their concern to Huzoor Sawan Shah Ji Maharaj that Sai Ji had adopted a different slogan than the one bestowed by him. In response, Sawan Shah Ji summoned Mastana Ji and inquired about the slogans uttered by Sai Ji. It was a moment of immense joy for the disciple to be called by his Guru! Sai Ji, filled with delight, passionately recited all the slogans.

Sawan Shah, deeply moved by Sai Ji's devotion, proclaimed, 'Mastana, from now onwards recite "Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra." Sawan Shah Ji emphasized, 'This slogan shall be a universal chant for all religions, and whoever recites it with sincere devotion and pure intentions will receive the grace of the Almighty. They will be anchored in both this world and the heavenly realm, ensuring blessedness and guaranteed salvation.'

Evidence is not needed for the obvious. Today, countless examples testify that anyone who utters this slogan with faith, even their death is averted. It is another deep blessing for the people who chant it with devotion. 

The sacred slogan, 'Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra,' carries profound significance. 'Dhan Dhan' signifies that God is truly deserving of praise. 'Satguru,' a universal term for Om, Hari, Allah, Waheguru, God, Khuda, Rabb, and 'Tera Hi Aasra' conveys our complete dependence on Him, acknowledging that His assistance can manifest anywhere, anytime.

Countless individuals chanting this sacred slogan have witnessed miracles unfold in their lives. There are instances where the recitation of this divine chant halted a train on the brink of derailing. This mantra has rescued people from dire situations, and its impact persists through the spiritual blessings of Mastana Ji Maharaj.

Establishment of Shah Mastana Ji Dham, Sirsa

Following the divine guidance of Huzoor Maharaj and the formulation of the sacred slogan, Mastana Ji initiated imparting the meditation method in alignment with their master's will. 

Earlier Shah Mastana Ji had built a cottage but as per the divine decree of Sawan Shah Ji, He vacated it and established a Dera premise in a forested expanse of Sirsa. Sai Ji found the barren land of sand mounds as a suitable location. With a simple stick, Sai Ji delineated the boundaries of the Dera on the sand and made a map. His Holiness then established Dera Sacha Sauda- the Ruhani College in those mounds, which are the current headquarters of this spiritual organization. It was named as, 'Dera Sacha Sauda, Shah Mastana Ji Dham, Sirsa.' 

Sai Ji established a place where people from different backgrounds, castes, creeds, and religions are welcomed wholeheartedly and they can sing the glory of God without any boundaries or restrictions, in the way they want.

Mastana Ji- A Revered Spiritual Luminary

Mastana Ji was a great spiritual leader who devoted their entire life to giving divine guidance to lost souls. His holiness broke all the stereotypes surrounding the path of spirituality and built a common place for worshiping where people from all religions could chant the holy name of God irrespective of their castes or religions. 

At the core of Shah Mastana's teachings lay the essence of selfless service. Sai Ji emphasized that true divinity is found in serving others without any expectation. The saint's days were marked by acts of compassion, as he tirelessly worked towards uplifting the downtrodden, providing solace to the afflicted, and spreading love among all. The embodiment of humility, Shah Mastana immersed himself in the service of humanity and His every action became a sacred offering, a gesture of love that illuminated the lives of those fortunate ones who met Sai Ji once in their lifetime.

In the most simple language, Sai Ji imparted the deepest treasures of spirituality which were a mystery before, and blessed everyone eternally who got connected once.

Mastana Ji used to distribute gold, silver, and many valuable things among people at large. During the 1950s, when people heard a saint had distributed everything ranging from food to gold among the disciples during a spiritual discourse, they became curious. Then, people started visiting the premises of Dera Sacha Sauda to witness the reality themselves. Mastana Ji Maharaj used to bestow and shower love on all their disciples and distribute even gold coins among all the disciples. This matter fetched the attention of many people at that time!

Revered Sai Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj guided thousands of people toward the truth and helped them find God within themselves. His Holiness elucidated the complex notions associated with spirituality and refined them to help spread the true meaning of spirituality. His divine guidance is still prevalent in Dera Sacha Sauda, where millions of people are witnessing the spiritual path and learning to serve humanity with the blessings of Revered Sai Ji. 

The Global Celebrations of the Sacred MSG Bhandara

Saint Dr. MSG, the current spiritual leader of Dera Sacha Sauda, has christened the auspicious day of incarnation as 'MSG Bhandara.' This year, Saint Dr. MSG graced the sacred Bhandara with His divine presence, imparting divine blessings to all devoted disciples.

The sacred MSG Bhandara drew millions of devotees from distant regions, creating a celebration that transcended borders. The event reached a global audience, with devotees connecting live from 500+ locations worldwide via Zoom. This sacred gathering left a profound impact on the lives of individuals near and far.

As part of the festivities, a documentary highlighting the incarnation day of Revered Guru Sai Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj was presented, adding depth to the sacred Bhandara experience. Besides, a cultural program was held where the volunteers showcased their artistry excellence and added charm to the event with their performances. 

Without welfare works, the celebrations at Dera Sacha Sauda are incomplete so many compassionate endeavors were performed. These welfare works expanded on the essence of the sacred Bhandara. In this, 732 blankets were distributed to those in need. Additionally, clothes were provided to 732 underprivileged children, and the keys to 7 newly constructed homes were handed over to families in need. These efforts represent our ongoing commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those less fortunate in our community.

The disciples took one pledge as well as a part of commemorations. It states, ‘As part of our commitment to fostering unity, we pledge to stand united and resist the influence of groupism. Our dedication is exclusive to following the teachings of our revered Guru.’

A new welfare work has been initiated by Revered Guruji! This 160th welfare initiative is, ‘Providing Free Blood and Treatment for Needy Thalassemia Patients.’ In a commitment to address the healthcare needs of the less fortunate, Revered Saint Dr. MSG launched this new welfare initiative that focuses on providing free blood and treatment for Thalassemia patients facing financial constraints.

The entire Bhandara enriched our lives with blessings and divine essence, becoming even more exceptional in the presence of Revered Guruji. His blessings infused millions of lives with divinity. We are forever grateful to Guruji for bestowing upon us these extraordinary Bhandara celebrations that have rendered our lives truly blessed and divine. Wishing everyone a joyous MSG Bhandara!