May 17, 2013

'Dera Sacha Sauda Haridwar Dham', Rampur Thedi, Tehsil Rania, Sirsa, Haryana

Dera Sacha Sauda Haridwar Dham

This ashram is situated at Sirsa- Jiwan Nagar road at about 25 kms from Sirsa towards west. Once Gyani Kartar Singh and devotee Mall Singh came to the Darbar of Sacha Sauda Sirsa and requested Beparwah Mastana Ji to grant the permission to built ashram in their village Rampur Thedi. Their request was accepted and three goats duly garlanded with bank notes were gifted to them. The site was selected and the construction of ashram started with full cooperation and love. Gyani Kartar Singh along with two other devotees came to Sirsa on monthly Sat sang and demanded Sat sang for their village, which was granted. Wide publicity through beating of drum was done in villages around Rampur Thedi where Namdhari Sikhs reside in abundance. Shehn Shah Mastana Ji reached there with a lot of cloths. A rousing reception was accorded to him through bhangra, band party and beating of drums. Sat Sang was a success. Once Beparwah Shehn Shah Ji reached again here and ordered to built this ashram with katcha "“pucca masonry. Then Beparwah ji awarded spiritual ranks to sevadars like captain, manager, deputy, treasurer etc and allotted the rank of Lord Sahib to Gayani Kartar Singh. Ashram was completed with main gate, 10-12 rooms, a large hall with verandah, langer- ghar and the boundary. Looking towards the tank kindly, Beparwah Ji declared, "This is your true Haridwar, whosoever will come here, his attendance will be marked."