May 17, 2013

'Dera Sacha Sauda Haripura Dham', Khaira Khurd, Mansa, Punjab

Dera Sacha Sauda Haripura Dham

This ashram is situated at 35 kms from Sirsa on Sirsa- Fatehabad road from Ding Mod upon Sardulgadh link road. Bhagat Dallu Ram, Dr. Sampat Ram and mother Mooli Devi reached Dera Sacha Sauda during monthly Satsang and requested the Most respected Shehn Shah Ji Maharaj for granting them Satsang in their village Khaira Khurd. Their earnest desire was rewarded with yes and Maharaj Ji reached on 3RD Day there. A rousing welcome was waiting for his highness. An impressive night time Sat sang was performed by Beparwah Mastana Ji Maharaj. Garlands of crisp bank notes were made to worn by all the Kavirajs. In reply to the request for an ashram here, Shehn Shah Mastana Ji replied ,"No, Kaal is very powerful here" On persistent demand His Holiness assented an said, "O.K. but name this ashram as "Haripura Dham' and plant three types of trees namely, 'Bud, Pipal and Neem". When ashram was ready with 4 rooms, 'Tera Vaas', a kitchen, then Sadh Sangat went to Dera Sirsa for inauguration of ashram as well as a Satsang by Beparwah Saien Mastana Ji Maharaj. Sat sang was sanctioned and performed with great pomp and show inside the ashram itself. Crisp bank notes were distributed and Naam Daan was bestowed to many desirous seekers. During 1990,Sadh sangat went to meet Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj at Dera Sirsa for kind permission to demolish katcha ashram and make it pucca. Now Pucca ashram with some more additions is standing proudly there.