May 17, 2013

'Dera Sacha Sauda Mauj Mastpura Dham', Shri Jalalana Sahib, Sirsa, Haryana

Dera Sacha Sauda Mauj Mastpura Dham

The 2nd PatShahi Param Pita Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj belonged to this village. This fact signifies the great importance and piety of Jalalana Sahib for Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa. This is a model village with permission of stadium of 18 acres granted by the Haryana Govt. recently. It is connected to Sirsa "“Dabwali G.T. road through a link road from Odhan-Jalalana and Chormar-Jalalana. First Sat sang of this village was granted by Shehn Shah Mastana Ji on the request of sadh sangat of village lead by Param Pita Ji by halting in an upper storey room of Param Pita ji. Yours highness visited the house of many devotees like Chand Singh manager at Jalalana Sahib. The request for ashram was granted in August,1956 on a land measuring 2acres-16 marlas by moulding mud bricks. A 'Tera Vaas', verandah, Chaubara and mud boundary wall was erected first of all. Accompanied in a jeep with Param Pita Ji, Most revered Mastana Ji reached in Jalalana Sahib in1958 and inaugurated the ashram by awarding garlands of notes to the drummers. His Holiness halted here for 18 days. Sardar Makhan Singh once said," Sain Ji, Harbans Singh wants to keep silence-fast and do meditation in 'Tera Vaas'with due permission of Yours Highness" Beparwah Ji cautioned that it was not an easy task, as it needed the sacrifice of one's head. Time is evident that Param Pita Ji actually performed supreme sacrifice and achieved his goal gloriously. Beparwah ji made him 'Satnam Singh' from Sardar Harbans Singh. Once, Beparwah Mastana Ji was in mood to distribute 'Daats' among sewadars and he ordered to bring trunks full of jerseys, blankets etc. When he demanded the list of them, all sewadars kept mum as guided by Param Pita Ji. They all jointly pleaded for granting them his heavenly love and not any 'Daat' etc. This reply made Mastana ji happy tremendously. He changed the name of ashram to 'Mauj Mastpura Dham' and said that your services are accepted in Dargah. After taking very severe and tiresome tests of integrity of Param Pita Ji, Beparwah Mastana Ji declared him his successor and handed him over the full responsibilities of Dera Sacha Sauda on 28-2-1960. Param Pita Ji performed his 1ST Sat sang in 1964 at Jalalana Sahib. Hazur Pita Ji always stay in Dera Mauj Mastpura Dham during yearly Sat sang there. Some more land was purchased and 4 new rooms were added along with a large diggie of 32'x32'x30' size has been constructed for the solution of water problem by Hazur Pita Ji. Every Year during January, the birthday ceremony of Param Pita Ji is celebrated here with fervours. The devotees from far and wide reach here, including foreigners. Complete village is decorated with colourful buntings. Such pious occasion need not be missed by one and all.