May 17, 2013

'Dera Sanjha Sacha Sauda Dham', Malout, Muktsar, Punjab

Dera Sanjha Sacha Sauda Dham

This ashram is situated on National Highway leading from Sirsa to Dabwali at 95 kms from Sirsa. There were a lot of devotees of Beparwah Mastana Ji in this market. Shehanshah Mastana Ji used to stay with the devotee named Bihari Lal Soni. Later on due to shortage of space a room built on common ground nearby was selected and pavilion erected thereupon for conducting Satsang. During 12-1995 Sat sang was fixed for old mandi Malaut. Many big and influential persons were brought under the banner of spiritualism. When the Sadh sangat of Malaut reached at Dera Sacha Sauda Sirsa they were put on the service of lifting an earthen mound. All the rich and influential persons who had never done any physical work before were forced to do so. They were naturally upset but kept mum. An enquiry by Beparwah Ji later on revealed that they had understood the importance of physical service by then and felt no bitterness due to it at all. They claimed to feel rather very good due to physical service. Shehn Shah Ji granted permission to built ashram at Malaut due to the pressing requests from local and rural Sadh Sangat. His highness gave a bag to Sangat and said "This is the treasury of Sat guru, go on putting in it and pulling out of it. It will never exhaust ". Luggage for construction of ashram was carted from Sirsa and the foundation was inaugurated. "There will be a new Raman Mandi erected here" was predicted by Shehn Shah Ji. Parshad of mangoes was distributed by Beparwah Ji daily. Two storied 'Tera Vaas', verandah, two rooms and five rooms on opposite side were made with katcha bricks. A diggie was got constructed and dismantled simultaneously. This durbar consists of land worth 15-16 acres. 9 big halls, 30 rooms and pucca boundary wall for the facility of Sangat were added by Param Pita Ji later on. A beautiful garden of fruit trees is growing adjacently.