May 1, 2024

Divine Blessings Unveiled with Guruji's Gift of the 19th Pious Letter at ‘MSG Bhandara’| Revered Saint Dr. MSG| Dera Sacha Sauda Foundation Day!

For a disciple, the words of their beloved spiritual master have a profound healing effect. In a world filled with negativity, they encounter challenges in living comfortably. However, amidst these struggles, the opportunity to hear the healing words of their Guru becomes the most precious and blessed moment, offering solace from distress and discomfort.

This precious moment unfolded when the disciples of Revered Saint Dr. MSG received the sacred 19th letter from their revered Guru. Saint MSG, renowned for his exceptional love, care, and benevolence towards his disciples, filled this 19th letter with profound adoration.

Every word within it served as a powerful boost, deeply revered by all who received it. With tear-filled eyes and hearts overflowing with gratitude, the disciples listened to each word with unwavering devotion and reverence.

This 19th letter was imbued with such love that it uplifted every heart and magnified their devotion to the divine. Below is the complete letter.

19th Pious Letter by Revered Saint Dr. MSG 

To my beloved children, Trust/Management Committee, and servitors,

Warm congratulations and blessings to each and every one of you on the auspicious occasion of the Foundation Day MSG Bhandara. Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra.

All my millions of dear children, on this Foundation Day, I offer my prayers to the Divine and being your Guru, impart you the sermons to steadfastly adhere to the teachings/principles and hold unwavering faith, and may the Almighty brim you and your homes with divine happiness, prosperity and blessings from this Foundation Day forth.

My dear children, I hold you close in my heart always, and during the early hours of 3-5 am in the early morning and 7-9 pm in the evening, I offer fervent prayers for you, seeking special blessings from the Almighty, so that your burdensome karmas, as vast as mountains, can get transformed into mere pebbles. Today on MSG Bhandara, pledge to ‘never allow your pets to roam as strays, ensuring their care and well-being.” This noble endeavor shall be known as "Domestic Animal Care." Raise your hands, chant Nara passionately, ‘Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra.’ Now lower your hands. May Revered Param Pita MSG bestow happiness upon your home (your body) and family, and foster love within your household. Blessings!

My dear children, the dedication with which you all tirelessly engage in acts of goodness day and night is truly remarkable. Keep nurturing this spirit, never let it diminish. Dear ones, you all always reside in my eyes, and whatever words you speak to me, I hear them through the grace of our Supreme Father, Shah Satnam Ji, Shah Mastana Ji. Whether you speak to me as a Guru or as parents, whether it's words of love, taunting, or making arguments, I listen, and when you all calm down after saying everything, I respond to your words from within, by the grace of the Supreme Father. Then, when you are happy or laughing, I also laugh with you. Whenever you face any troubles or ailments, and you remember your MSG Guru, I, by the grace of the Supreme Father, pray for you and send blessings so that the consequences of your dreadful karmas may be cut off. You also feel the same happening. 

Once again, I bow millions of times to the Supreme Father, Shah Mastana, Shah Satnam Ji, who on this day did a great favor for us, by establishing Dera Sacha Sauda. Blessings of MSG Guru Papa to you all!

Your Guru,