DNA: A Method to Get Rid of Fatal Diseases

In present age of vices, negative powers are ruling over the minds of people. Human beings today are so clever that they are even questioning the existence of God.The spiritual congregation of 26th march was based majorly on these welfare aspects. 14,345 people got blessed with pious method of meditation. Thousands took humanitarian nectar with the promise of quitting away social evils. Also keys of fully constructed houses were given to homeless, financial aid of one lakh seventy thousand was given to two needy people for their medical treatment and at the end, four tricycles were given to differently abled.

During the congregation Revered Saint MSG said that if scientists or doctors research in the field of human DNA, then we will be able to fight various lethal diseases. But some people are acting as hindrances in  further researches or studies in this field. Success in the field of DNA researches will have direct impact on pharmaceutical giants, as their business will be closed. There are evidences of DNA being repaired in our mythology also. During the era of Mahabharat and Ramayan, soldiers who got severe injuries while fighting were able to fight even next day using DNA repairing system(Snehlep).This is possible now also. The doctors of Dera Sacha Sauda are able to repair stem cell with continuous research. Hopefully they will be able to succeed in DNA field also.

Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan further added that humans should work for the benefit of society as a whole. Instead of using brain in activities whose end result is disaster, people must focus on life saving researches so that all humans can live their lives without the fear of dangerous diseases. Apart from focusing on how to get rid of everyone is rushing towards better ways to ruin others. All the nations of the world are putting their precious efforts on the methods to invent new technology in order to put them in superior position. Saint Dr. MSG Insan aka Sher-e-Hind said that if scientists of whole world come forward to research on the fields that are for the betterment of humanity and society as a whole, then there are 100% chances that we need not depend on various fuels to fulfill our day to day needs. We can use natural resources like sun to perform our daily tasks. Sun is a source of immense energy. Using solar energy, vehicles can be driven at a very low cost, similarly we can use solar cook tops to prepare food, we can generate electricity too at a very low cost. Revered Saint added that in this era of vices, one should always work for the upliftment of humanity and try to engage in welfare activities. Saint also supplemented that don’t let negative thinking overcome your mind. Meditation is the only way to get rid of negativity and rack up tremendous happiness and prosperity in one’s life