May 12, 2013


As per the teachings of Revered Guruji, Dera followers are burying the superstitions and are adopting the tradition of donating bodies after deaths.

Dera followers are lining up to donate their bodies for medical research. The bodies are used by medical students, anatomists and surgeons. Apart from that, it is possible to harvest quality tissues in a Tissue Bank. The skin, bones, fascia etc. can be harvested and used to treat patients. Supporting research is a priority since only through research we can have answers to mankind's health problems. Already, scores of bodies have been donated while one a half a million consent forms have been signed by eager followers. It is hoped that this gesture, especially in a rigid and conservative society like ours, will help open up cloistered mindsets. It is very important to appreciate that animals are better utilized after death, than us human beings. Society needs to seriously reflect on this.