Aug 21, 2016

Every moment spent in God's remembrance brings heavenly bliss

"The summers are really scorching, but the love of devotees and love of God tells a totally different story. Seekers are already seated across more than 283 and 64 acres of land, while people are still on their way to Ashram. If you are feeling heated, then no need to worry. The heat of God's prayers nullifies unlimited heat of this mortal life. It's only the incomparable grace of Revered Shah Satnam Ji, that HE initiated this Bhandara. This is something that history had never witnessed, that a Guru had celebrated the birthday of His disciple with the grandeur and had cut the cake as a tradition of Dera Sacha Sauda. And We pray to God, that may HE bestow His blessings on all of you." Aforementioned are the Holy sermons of Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, on Monday, 15th August 2016, during the celebration of pious Bhandara of His incarnation month held at Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa. Further excerpts from the Satsang are:

Man has many desires, but it is impossible for all the desires to come true. The wishes that get fulfilled bring momentary happiness; while the ones which don't, bring permanent tension. It's not wrong to have wishes, but don't create a web of these wishes to only trap yourself and remain empty of the inner happiness of life. Man prays for hundreds of happiness from God. He gets all of them except for one and hence becomes ungrateful to God for what he got. This is completely wrong. Praying for His divine love and glimpse is okay, but remaining drowned in tension and sadness is not. If you keep on thanking Him, He gives you even more happiness. Even a single moment spent in His remembrance brings heavenly bliss. If a child cries, the mother rushes to calm or feed him. Listen carefully, if a mother can rush to her child in distress, so if anyone cries for God, who created the mother, won't He rush to His child! But there are only few who plead in His memory. People only remember Him to ask for a son, money, property, land, etc. but very few people plead for His glimpse. If you get the Almighty, would all the worldly riches stay away?

Once upon a time, an emperor held an exhibition of all his property and materials in an open ground, and declared in the empire that anyone can take whatever he wishes for, but only once. So he sits there and feels happy to see people taking necessities, like flour, and other luxuries, like gold coins, pearls, diamonds, horses, etc. Then comes a man, bows to the king and enquires whether he can take anything from within the ground. To this, the king agrees. The man asks for the safety of his life and again confirms, and the king guarantees him no harm. So he holds the king's arms. The king is shocked and asks what he is doing. The man says I had already asked you if I can take anything present within the ground premises. The king nods head in acceptance. And the man says, when you are mine, then stop this exhibition, all this is mine now. So likewise, if you pray for God Himself, all the materialistic items will follow. This is a very small concept, mentioned in religious scriptures, but people don't understand it. They're asking for whatever is coming in front of them, the Almighty is even blessing it to them but still they keep arguing. So whosoever asks for God from God stays happy and contented.

Also, the Supreme Power only bestows. We can't give Him anything. Though you can give up your vices and bad thoughts as a present to Him, and He will bless you with all the more happiness in return. No one accepts his/her mistakes and pretends to be the truest devotee. This is absolutely wrong. To err is human, you can apologize and accept your mistake if done. But if one repeats same mistakes over and over, then he/she falls in the category of devils. It's impossible that a human being doesn't know of right and wrong. He always has that rationale. We've observed that mostly, people don't accept their mistakes. If you stop him, he'll shout at you only. For an instance, a farmer was loading 80kgs of grams on the back of his horse. He adjusts the sack halfway on both the sides of the horse's back and is filling grams on one side, and sand on the other. Someone intellectual saw this from distance and asked him what he was doing. So the farmer said I'm balancing both sides. The other man said that you have 80kgs of load, put one container on each side at one go and this way the horse would only have to carry 80kgs instead of 160kgs! But the farmer remains stubborn and says it's my horse and I'll do as I please.

In Punjab, farmers plough the field and it has to be straight for the best outputs. But someone tied it in slant way and when asked to correct it, said it's my land and my tractor, I'll use it like this only. Evidently, people don't accept. Telling you some instances from the movie sets as I direct them, along with my daughter; we announced some modifications to be made to a set, being the art director too. We said it thrice but the other person didn't do. He came and said Guruji I couldn't hear at first because I wore spectacles. One of the crew members switched on the flashlights in vain and then didn't accept it unless we mentioned 8-10 times. I have played 32 national games, kabaddi was one of them and I was catcher in it. If anyone missed the chances or dropped the catches, they would say it's the sweating or a sprain. Otherwise they didn't suffer but only in adversity. So this is general habit that people don't accept their faults. The one who accepts learns more. You will like to teach him as he is applying and learning, while those who don't accept learn nothing and you won't teach them as they don't follow. They don't pass time; they actually waste their precious time over trivial issues instead of praying to God. You can rather self introspect to learn about your own mistakes and then you can work on them to perform better in whatever profession you are. So use time wisely.

Cunningness is another human trait nowadays. There's chameleon in Rajasthan which changes its color according to the surface where it sits but it takes few seconds to do so. But people change their colors all at once. True saint has one job, face reading. To them, everything is evident on others' forehead, the signboard. They know what's going on within the person in front but they stay quiet about it. Someone came to us to take suggestion for tractor for a land of 4 acres. I suggested him to take Eicher tractor as it would consume less oil and will profit more. But he said what if he takes Hindustan tractor. He just wanted us to agree to his wish. Its better you follow saint's sermons as it is. We're no sorcerer. We're only a guide who shows you right path and save yourself from the evil power (Mana), but it's totally your wish to follow or not. It's been around 15-20 years, once a seeker was very ill and was lying on the bed. He came to us and asked for some solution, so we prayed to God and told him to consult doctors from PGI Chandigarh and he said okay and left. Actually, he had come from PGI Chandigarh only where the doctors declared that he was suffering from cancer of 4th stage and would only live for around 10 more days. But he obeyed us, against his family; for he was a very simple man. Even the doctors refused at first to reexamine him but he urged, so they had to. Testing was held and they gave him some medicines. He didn't take the medicines because we hadn't mentioned it. So here in Dera Sacha Sauda, I'm telling you story of one person in presence of God, if I ask the devotees to raise their hands if they've experienced unique miracles regularly, lacs of people would do. Those in any doubt can see, almost all hands are in air. So that man's family brought him back home and as doctors had said, he suffered a lot on the 10th day, constant vomiting, piles and lost 15-18 kg of weight within 3 days, but he kept on remembering God while the family thought he's about to die. From the 4th day, he started recovering and after around a month, he walked to this Ashram on his own feet and told us about the God's grace.

We're no magician, but yes, there is one magician who is known as Om, Hari, Allah Waheguru, God. If you are determined, then you'll definitely get the results. There's a joke among people. Once there were many people of various religions on a boat. The boat was about to drown, so they began praying to their respective Gods to help them. Those who prayed to single God saved, while one of the voyagers died. He asks for the reason of his death from the Dharmraj. They both come to Almighty to ask why he wasn't saved. So He said, you didn't call me by one name my child. As soon as I got ready according to your first prayer, you changed your wish. I was getting ready for the second avatar but you again changed and meanwhile you drowned. So what we mean to say, there's only one God. People get trapped in superstitions easily but in reality, no one except for the true spiritual saint can minimize your misdeeds. Only God's prayer can open the tenth door and you'll be able to get over your sins. No one else can do it for you. So have firm faith and follow the sermons as they are. As long as your wishes are fulfilled, you are happy while when even one of the wishes doesn't come true, you get annoyed. This shouldn't be the case. Would you let your 6 months old son play with flames or snakes? He will anyway ask for them, because they look fascinating to him. But you don't fulfill his wish. Likewise, we are all kids in front of the God. He knows what's good for us and He always gives it to us. But if you ask for something wrong, He won't give it to you because He knows it will set your hands, your soul ablaze. So don't argue with Him and have firm faith, just pray to Him and serve His creation, He will definitely bestow everything on you.