Jun 25, 2013

Dera Sacha Sauda Volunteers to The Rescue of Flood Victims in Uttarakhand

Made food available for 15000 families

Distributed fodder for the cattle in 2515 families

Shah Satnam Ji Green 'S' Welfare force wing of DSS, well known for its helping and supportive attitude towards the troubled people is playing an important role for the relief of distressed people in Uttarakhand and Yamunagar also. The wing volunteers are organizing relief camps in Dehradun and nearby areas to distribute food and medicines to the flood affected people. Routes are being made by for the comfort of the residents. They are being provided food, fodder for their cattle and other things of basic utility. The effort put on by these volunteers for the relief of disturbed people is worth praising.

"To serve is our duty, to serve is our religion" ,following the saying uttered by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, the DSS volunteers are ,once again, proving themselves to be the true humanity servers helping the helpless people in flood affected areas of Uttarakhand and Yamunanagar district of Haryana. Residents are amazed watching the volunteers serving them selflessly. Providing the information about the situation in the affected areas, the speaker of Dera Sacha Sauda, Mr. Pawan Insan told that DSS volunteers have set up relief camps at Tihri Bus Stand in Rishikesh, Bhadrakali Check-post, Joligant Hospital in Dehradun and Dehradun Bus stand. The volunteers handling the camps there are generously helping the stranded people carried out by the army officials. The relief camps started by the volunteers on June 21 continued even in the heavy rains on Monday. In spite of the heavy rains, the wing members started one more relief camp near Dehradun bus stand distributing food to the affected people including which a total of 15 camps are now running for the relief of people there. Food material being distributed by the wing members includes tea, biscuits, rusk, fruits, namkeen, Chhole-puri, Chapatis, Rice, cereals, wheat flour, plain drinking water, sweet water, and packed water bottles.

15000 families have already received the relief material by Monday, 24 June and the relief operation is still on. The volunteers run these camps from 5 a.m. till midnight.

At the same time, DSS volunteers are trying to make it sure that fodder also must be provided for the cattle in ravaged areas. For this, they have already distributed the fodder in 2515 families of 8 villages in Khanpur. Besides serving the innocent helpless animals, problems of aggrieved people are also being taken care of simultaneously by DSS volunteers to their maximum capacity under the guidance of the administration of the area. The Haridwar management team has sought timely and prompt relief measures for starving animals and afflicted people. DSS responded to the request instantly and sent its help to quench the sufferings of people and other living beings as well. Mr. Krishan Nehra Insan, member of a 25 member committee of DSS for Uttar Pradesh and Satpal Insan (Rudki) brought into the kind notice that seven trucks carrying relief material for Uttarakhand floods victims have already been moved in different segments of eight villages for assistance in rescue and relief operations.

In the past two days, DSS volunteers have intensified their efforts for affected families it the areas of Yogewala, Dabrikhera, Sherpurwela, Dallawala, Naiwala, Chandarpur Kala, Dumanpuri and Kalsia. Ms. Anupama Rawat, daughter of central water-resource minister Mr. Harish Rawat, initiated the distribution of fodder for the animals. Mr. Krishan Insan further shared that the worried families were very much relieved after receiving the relief material and they were just feeling grateful to the revered Guruji and DSS volunteers.

In Yamunanagar also, the volunteers are engaged in the relief operation since last 8 days for the relief of flood victims. 200 bags of relief material have been made available so far to the villagers there. DSS is ready to assist the administration further whenever it will be asked for the same.