Feb 27, 2013

God's Name Abounds with Incredible Happiness

"There is a divine intoxication and extreme happiness in God's name. Those who are fortunate enough or those who change their fortune to good fortune they experience the bountiful of divine love sanctified upon them." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as "Pitaji" by over 50 million people) at Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Sirsa. During the Spiritual Congregation three marriages were also solemnized without following the tradition of dowry.

While acquainting the sadh sangat (faithful) with the holy sermons, His Holiness, Guru Ji said: Deluge of Divine love is ceaselessly showered on everyone. There is no such time when one is deprived of the heavenly love. But only the privileged ones are able to attain the holy grace and compassion. If one intends to get the incredible happiness and spiritual merriment then it is essential to devote some time in meditation to internally prepare oneself to receive the Divine Vision. All the bad habit and the bad deeds committed can be nullified through meditation and selfless services, plus one can become capable of attaining the holy grace and empathy. The God, Almighty is never impressed by the external looks of any one rather; HE sees the inner feelings, emotions and devotion of a devotee. A man can attain 'The Divine' irrespective of the financial status. Many economically not so strong people have also attained the Supreme Master. At the same time many kings too have been the devotees of 'The Divine'. This is evident from the fact that God is never pleased to see a person's outward show or any kind of ostentation. Only persons who are stoic and down to earth become worthy to visualize the Divine. When man forgets his own status before God then he never can feel the holy grace. Otherwise HE(God) Blesses everyone."