Aug 4, 2014

God's Name Accompanies In This World As Well As In The Next

"God's name showers the happiness to a person which he would have never ever imagined.  Gurumantra bestows the man with each and everything without his demand for the same. Saints have also sermonized 'bin mange moti mile, mange mile na bhikh'. As one gets the blessings of God and divine love, ones all sorrow, worries and tensions flee away. His self confidence increases and he gets success in every field," Said Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as Pitaji by over 50 million followers) in the Satsang held at Ashram premises on Sunday.

Despite of scorching heat, lacs of devotees from Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Delhi gathered there to listen to the precious teachings of Revered Guruji. His Holiness taught the  Method of Meditation to  "‹53,200 "‹seekers  and  made them vow to quit intoxication & other vices. They also pledged to get involved in the humanitarian activities. On this occasion, one more pearl was added to the existing garland of humanitarian activities being pursued by Dera Sacha Sauda. As per this new welfare work, girls are to come ahead to tie in the nuptial lock with physically challenged and widowers. Revered Guruji nominated those girls as 'Bhakt Veerangna Gazi'.  "‹For them Guruji sermonized, 'Meet B"‹hakt Veerangna Gazi koi koi hai hoye. "‹ dhan dhan ho maa baap ki, do jahan jai jaikar hoye'"‹

His Excellency Guruji said, "More than 1500 boys have come forward and given their consent to marry with the ex prostitutes who wish to come out of this profession. With parental consent girls can also fill up the form to become 'Bhakt Veerangna Gazi." "

Everyone presented over there pledged for the same by raising both hands. "‹Devotees took  two pledges  in front of  Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. First,  to meditate on God's words rather than gossips during free time and second,  not to get deluded by anyone to avoid Satsangs and selfless services. It is worth mentioning that all the devotees pledge everyday to leave two bad"‹habits in this holy month of  "‹Revered Guruji's Incarnation.

"‹"‹Revered Guru Ji sa"‹ng the hymn ""‹You are my love charger" in "‹HIS"‹ "‹sonorous and "‹mellifluous voice, on which all the devotees danced in joy. "‹"‹H"‹is Holiness handed over the keys of  newly-built houses to  "‹24  needy people from His pious lotus hands and presented  cheques  "‹worth Rs. 13 lakh to"‹ needy people  from  Shah Satnam Ji Green 'S' Welfare Force Benevolent Fund"‹. Further, under the campaign 'Sathi', His Highness Guruji handed over a tricycle to an extremely needy person Abdul Sataar S/o Sadiq Mohd, R/o Kukrawali (Fatehabad) on the behalf of celibate volunteers (satbrahamchari sewadar).

While addressing the people present over there, His Excellency Guruji said, "Almighty God knows each and every thing. Continuous recitation on holy words brings immense happiness, and ecstasy and the life blossoms like a flower.  In this era,  "‹youths are confused and get deluded. They don't understand what is good or bad for them. One becomes the same as do one accompany. Satsang is the only place where one gets acquainted with the positive and negatives for the life. Without Guru no one can have the knowledge. Guru always prays for everyone's well being. Rendering selfless services, meditation and strictly abiding by the holy sermons are the means to please God and in return, HE emancipates your past as well as forthcoming generations along with you. God loves those who move on the path of spirituality. A true friend is the one who tells your mistakes and demerits. Only Lord God is the one who accompanies you in this world as well as in the next even if you try to get departed from Him. So, one ought to love God  immensely. For, the  materialistic love cannot give the bliss and ecstasy as the divine love does. One moving just a single step towards Him, He will move lacs of steps towards you." After the Satsang, muslims people reached over there congratulated Revered Guruji "‹for the eve of Eid.

24 Needy People Get 'Ready-to-Move-in' Houses Under the Campaign 'Ashiyana'

Under the campaign 'Ashiayna' being run by His Holiness Guruji's motivation Smt. Amarjeet Kaur Insan W/o Late Sh. Harwinder Singh R/o Sainiya Ukasi village Block Rajpura Dist Patiala, Smt. Gurpreet Kaur W/o Sh. Ranjeet Singh Jawadi Village Block Ludhiana, Smt. Kinder Kaur Insan W/o Late Sh.Gulab Singh Mor village block Tapa Bhadhaud Dist Barnala, Smt. Bhajan Kaur W/o Sh. Jangir Singh R/o Pakka Kalan, Smt. Gurdev Kaur Insan W/o Sh. Sadhu Singh, Smt. Krishna Rani W/o Sh. Ram Chand Block Khuiyan Sarvar Dist Fazilka, Smt. Devender Rani W/o Niranjan Das, Booter Kalan Block Nihal singh wala Dist Moga, Smt. Mindo Kaur Insan W/o Jeet Singh R/o Maheeraj Village Block Rajgarh Salawatpura Dist Bathinda, Smt. Kulwant Kaur W/o Sh. Mukhtyar Singh Village Gill Patti Block Mehma Goniana Dist Muktsar Sahib, Smt. Jarnail Kaur W/o Sh Jarnail Singh Village Bamal Block Dhuri Dist Sangrur, Smt. Rajrani W/o Sh. Gurbachan Singh R/o Village Purana Patti Block Bagha Puarana Dist Moga, Smt. Mal Devi W/o Sh. Durga Parsad R/o Mahantawala, Smt Kulwinder Kaur W/o Sh. Ramchand Village Hardaspur Block Patiala, Sh Joginder Singh S/o Sh Dhanna Singh Village Ghurala Block Khanna Dist Ludhiana, Sh. Sukhwinder Insan S/o Sh Ramkishan R/o village Ramgarh Block Balluaana Dist Fazilka, Sh. Tarsem Singh S/o Sh. Hari Singh Village Jangi Rana Block Chughekala Dist Bathinda, Sh Bagicha Singh S/o Sh. Gandha Singh Village Bhalaiaana Block Dauda Dist Muktsar, Smt. Nandi Devi W/o Khyali Ram Village Ginati Block Haldwani Dist Nainital (Uttrakhand) and from Dist Rajasthan Block SriGanganagar --- Smt. Sunita Insan W/o Sh. Bhagwan Das, Smt Leela Devi W/o Sh. Prem Chand, Smt. Sumitra Insan W/o Sh. Dinesh Kumar Village Barwada Block Chidwai Dist Alwar; Smt Sheela Insan W/o Sh. Laxman Insan Shiv Vihar Block Mustfabad (Delhi), Sh. Jagdish Insan S/o Sh Janiram Village Danauda Khurd Block Narvana etc. got the keys of homes constructed by the volunteers.