May 14, 2013


Anti-drug Campaign

The Four Kinds of hell created by drug abuse:

  • Hell for the body: Human body becomes a Hell because of drug abuse. In a way, man dies and revives again suffering from many diseases. The intoxicants make the body into a realm of disease. These ailments cause the individual the agonies of hell!. Such a life is hell!.
  • Hell for Family: Even the family members lead a life of Hell due to a drug addict. The entire family is disturbed. No one likes him. The economic shortages, domestic quarrels and the stench convert the household into hell.
  • Social Hell: Nobody respects a drug addict in the society. People avoid his company. People distance themselves and life becomes cut off. This is also a kind of hell.
  • Hell for the soul: In religious scriptures, alcohol is called the grandmother of Hell. As per religious teachings, a drug addict is bound to suffer in Hell after death. Such a person does misdeeds and thus suffers in the Hell after death. This is the Hell for his soul

Alcohol Addiction - Gateway to premature death

According to Scientific American and Addiction Research Foundation of Ontario alcohol addiction causes more than 1,00,000 deaths per year. According to them alcohol is directly or indirectly responsible for:

  • 5% of all deaths from circulatory system diseases
  • 15% of all deaths from respiratory diseases
  • 30% of all accidental deaths by fire and flames
  • 30% of all accidental drowning deaths
  • 30% of all suicides
  • 40% of all deaths from accidental falls
  • 45% of all deaths involving automobile accidents
  • 60% of all homicides

Sources : the Scientific American and the Addiction Research Foundation of Ontario.

Smoking: - Long term consequences

Smoking is the leading (proven) cause of lung cancer which accounts for more deaths than any other type of cancer and almost 80% of lung cancer deaths are due to smoking. Smoking has also been linked to several other types of cancer such as cancer of the mouth, tongue, throat, neck, colon, stomach, bladder and While Blood Corpuscles etc. Smokers are more likely to develop cholesterol in blood and high blood pressure resulting in heart-attacks.

  • The most startling fact is that this fatal product is the golden goose of government and thus approved.
  • Tobacco smoke contains over 4000 chemical compounds.
  • One in every two regular smokers dies because of this ghastly practice.

Horrifying Statistics on Tobacco Abuse

  • Many multinational cigarette companies want to setup their business in India because their business can flourish well in this country with a population of more than 1.21 billion people.
  • One out of five deaths is caused by drug abuse
  • $75 billion is spent on medical treatment of smokers and $80 billion is spent indirectly on smokers.
  • 20% of world's cigarettes are smoked in India alone which would increase up to 33% in coming 10 years.
  • Cigarette manufacturing companies in India target that 250 million of total population should be tobacco addicts. And they want to take Indian youth in their grip to achieve this target.
  • In every 10 seconds, tobacco abuse becomes the cause of one death in the world. And if the abuse keeps on increasing at the current rate, tobacco will become the cause of one death in every 3 seconds in next 30 years.
  • 90 billion cigarettes are smoked every year in India.
  • According to Indian Council of Medical Research, total expenditure for the treatment of diseases caused by tobacco abuse amounts to 27760 million rupees while those tobacco product turnover amounts to over 24,4000 millions. If it continues in this way, then 13% of total deaths are expected due to tobacco abuse in a few coming years.
  • Tobacco accounts for 0.8 million of total deaths every year. It means 2200 deaths everyday or 90 deaths every hour.
  • In every 6.5 seconds, one person dies or develops some disease due to tobacco abuse.
  • Cancer and cardiovascular diseases which account of thousands of deaths every year are directly related to smoking.
  • Nicotine is a harmful addictive substance. It is categorised with heroin, morphine and cocaine due to its harmful addictive effects.
  • Wrinkles appear on a smoker's face 20 years earlier than on a normal person's face.

Harmful chemicals in tobacco

Chemicals found in Tobacco Smoke Their Real Function
Methane A Highly Flammable Gas and Fuel.
Acetone Finger Nail Polish Remover
Ammonia Toilet Cleaner
Arsenic A Kind of Poison used to Kill Ants
Butane Lighter Fluid
Cadmium Used in Batteries
Carbon Monoxide Car Exhaust
DDT/Dieldrin Used to Kill Bugs
Hydrogen Cyanide Rocket Fluid
Methanol Rocket Fluid
Napthalene Drycleaner Fluid Mothballs
Toluene Industrial Solvent
Nickel and Cadmium Poisonous & Dangerous Metals
Nicotine Harmful and Poisonous Chemicals
Vinyl Chloride plastic
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Diseases caused by tobacco abuse:

  • Tn Tobacco abuse causes mouth cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer, wind pipe cancer and voice box cancer.
  • Tobacco is dangerous for heart.
  • Permanent disability of lungs.
  • Tobacco abuse causes impotency among men and infertility among women.
  • Tobacco abuse causes weakness of eyesight.
  • Maximum patients of mouth cancer are in India.
  • Human life shortens by seven minutes with consumption of one unit of cigarette.
  • In tobacco smoke there are more than 4000 chemicals. Many of them are irritants while more than 60 of them are carcinogens (cause cancer in humans).

Harmful effects of tobacco

  • More than 200 million men and more than 50 million women consume tobacco in India. 2 Million People out of these chew tobacco.
  • Smoking by parents is dangerous for unborn child.
  • Untimely Old Age