Mar 28, 2014

High-Tech Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital Opened in Sirsa

Dera Sacha Sauda, Confluence of Religions, has set up another milestone in the field of medical sciences with the opening of Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital facilitated with high-tech amenities near the Shah Satnam Ji Dham on Nohar-Bhadra Road. The hospital having international level medical facilities was inaugurated by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan today, 28th March 2014 by planting two trees and by 'Joining the Ribbons' (a tradition customary to the Dera). These two bottle palm trees were pulled from another place. His Holiness replanted these trees in the newly constructed hospital.

Constructed in around 1.25 lakh square feet, this hospital has been created in the shape of a heart and 3 buildings inside are constructed in the shape of S, M, G. All the interior and exterior architecture of hospital has been designed by Revered Guru Ji Himself.

On the inauguration of Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital, Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan said that with the construction of this hospital, no person whether he is rich or poor is required to go abroad for treatment. The specialist doctors will provide treatment for all kinds of diseases. Free treatment for poor people shall be provided. Informing about the features of this high-tech hospital, Revered Guru Ji said that this hospital equipped with 300 indoor beds and 100 extra beds have all the machines imported from Japan and Netherlands, which most of the hospitals in major cities lack. The operation theatre too is fully high tech, covered with steel that will keep it free from bacteria. Even super specialist doctors from foreign countries will keep on visiting the hospital and render their services from time to time.

His Holiness told that HE has designed such architecture of the hospital that patients feel like being at their home and not in the hospitals. All the rooms of hospital have large windows through which greenery can be seen all around. His Holiness further said that when a patient enters into Intensive Care Unit (ICU), psychologically he feels himself as half dead, but in the ICU of this hospital, a patient will feel the open sky above him and see verdant environment outside by which he will not even be able to sense that he has entered ICU. Patients will have a feeling like they are guests here.

Revered Guru Ji stated, "In the year 1972-74, We used to take patients from our paternal village Shri Gurusar Modia to AIIMS by our own vehicle and just on entering the hospital we used to feel like the stringent smell of medicines filled in the environment will make you faint. But the environment of this hospital will make one feel like he is lost in a sea of fragrance. Trees which purify the environment and emit fragrance have been planted all around in the hospital. Special ambulances having all kinds of facilities will also be provided to carry patients."

His Holiness informed that that foundation stone of this hospital was laid on 22nd May 2012, and now this hospital is ready in near about one year and 10 months. Very soon, a center will also be established where obesity will be treated.

On this occasion, while having conversation with the doctors and staff of the hospital, Revered Guru Ji asked them to treat patients with love because love is like an ointment. The patients coming here should get best comfort and definite benefit. Revered Guru Ji then visited the rooms, Operation Theater and ICU etc. in the hospital.

Features of Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital

Dr. MP Singh, CMO told on the occasion that hospital has the facility of transplanting knee and thigh which is available in very rare hospitals in the country. He said that for transplanting knee and thigh, special Modular Operation Theaters have been constructed. The operation table and machines have been imported from Japan having automatic system through which patient will not feel any problem and major operations can be done successfully. The auto light used in Operation Theater has also been imported from Germany. In Indian lights, shadows fall during the operation but these lights does not produce any shadow.

Dr. Gaurav Aggarwal Insan, ICU specialist told that to provide abroad like medical facilities in Sirsa, these machines have been imported for the first time which will take care of critical patients in the ICU. This ICU monitor will regularly monitor the pulse, heart, oxygen and temperature of the patient. These kinds of ICU monitors are being used in America and it will be first such Monitor to be used in India.

The Radiologist, Dr. Dinesh Insan said that the ultrasound machine installed in the hospital have been imported from America which will also have the facility of Heart Angiography. 128 Slice CT Scan, 1.5 Tesla MRI machine has also been also imported from abroad.

In technical language, until now body was scanned in 16 parts only in India but with this 128 Slice CT Scan machine, body can be scanned almost 8 times better (in 128 parts). This will help doctors to diagnose the disease in a better way.

There is a facility of 400 beds in the hospital. It comprises of 300 beds in the ward, 20 beds in ICU (ICU, ICCU, NICU, PICU), 15 beds in Labor Complex, 25 beds in emergency and private beds will also be available. 3 lifts have also been constructed in the hospital for the benefit of patients.

All other kinds of facilities are available in the hospital like 128 Slice CT scan, 1.5 Tesla MRI, brain scan for accidental patients, scanning for heart patients, all types of minor and major operation facility, Trauma centre, Neuro Surgery, Organ Transplant, High-Tech Lasik Eye Surgery, High-Tech Blood Bank, Dialysis, ICU, Plastic Surgery, Dental Implants, treatment for weaved teeth and Jaw Surgery, International Eye Bank etc.