Mar 20, 2013

Holy Grace is Always Bestowed Upon Everyone

"God's holy grace and compassion keeps on showering every time. And it never deprives a man of anything." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as "Pita Ji" by over 50 million faithful followers).

When one engages in bad deeds, one's happiness flees away. Sapience (wisdom) and hard work are the two things which a man must adopt for the whole life. One must do good deeds and recite the God's Words. Saints never restrict anyone from good deeds as bad deeds always give wrong impression. So one must meditate on regular basis and render selfless services to get abundance of holy grace and compassion. Man is trapped in the cobweb of five foes i.e. lust, anger, avarice, endearment and egotism under the leadership of mann (negative aspect of mind) and maya (wealth). These all seven walls have entangled the man in the building block of entanglement (cobweb). And man is getting deluded by them. God keeps on bestowing the holy grace and compassion but sometimes man does not adopt it. He gets the deluge of holy grace by doing noble actions. Whereas on doing the bad deeds he has to afflict a lot and becomes restless and depressed. There is uneasiness and turbulence in the family. So, one must never commit bad deeds rather keep on doing good acts and chant the Gurumantra (Method of Meditation).

Noble actions are always fruitful whereas negative and nocuous works always make a man saddened. With good deeds a person gets happiness in both the worlds. He becomes capable to attain the Almighty. One must be polite and have divine vision without egoism and listen to the Satsang (holy discourse) .This way, the graph of his love with the Almighty God will keep on improving. One must always remember that all are the children of that God Almighty so praying and doing charitable and virtuous for everyone is imperative for one. Those who listen to and abide by the holy sermons they never remain deprived of anything and God Almighty always bestows holy grace upon them.