Jun 16, 2024

Honoring the Best Father of Millions | Father's Day Special

A father's heart is a boundless ocean of love, deeper and vaster than one can ever imagine. He is the one who might not always express his emotions openly but does everything in his power to fulfill the wishes of his children. He shapes their lives with silent strength, boundless love, and unyielding support.

Think back to those moments when you felt lost or unsure. Who was there, providing a sense of security and confidence? Who offered a reassuring word or a gentle nudge in the right direction? For many of us, it was our fathers.

Their actions often speak louder than words, conveying a love that is deep and unwavering. Fathers work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring that their families have everything they need.

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate these unsung heroes of our lives. They wake up at dawn, work long hours, fix things around the house, and offer a shoulder to lean on during tough times. Their remarkable fortitude is both humbling and inspiring.

However, imagine having such a fatherly figure whose care feels like holding the whole sky in your fist. For over 65 million people, this is a reality with Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, lovingly called “PitaJi/PapaJi (Father).”

Saint Dr. MSG aka Baba Ram Rahim exemplifies this silent strength on an extraordinary scale. His presence is a constant source of support and inspiration for all the followers, who see him as the ultimate fatherly figure.

A Father Beyond Biological Bonds

In a world where spiritual leaders are often revered as heavenly figures, providing wisdom and guidance, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan stands out for his unparalleled care and protection for all the followers.

While saints usually sermonize that the whole creation of the lord is the children of saints. However, Guruji has turned it into reality. For around 65 million people, he is not just a spiritual guide but a fatherly figure who ensures their well-being and future. The reverence in their hearts towards their Guru, Revered Saint Dr. MSG is beyond the boundaries of what defines a spiritual saint. His presence is a source of constant support, much like the best of fathers, but on an extraordinary scale.

What sets Baba Ram Rahim aka Saint Dr. MSG apart is his hands-on approach to ensuring the safety and happiness of all the followers. From addressing minor day-to-day issues to providing solutions for major life challenges, Guruji’s guidance is sought and cherished. The followers, who number in the millions, often share personal stories of how his advice and interventions have positively impacted their lives.

Transforming Lives with Fatherly Love and Care

Being called 'Pitaji' (father) by millions of followers is not an ignorant expression, but a term filled with deep respect and heartfelt sentiment.

Have you seen someone fighting to save girls from foeticide, accepting them as his own foster daughters? Have you witnessed someone adopting orphaned children who were otherwise destined to beg for survival?

Guruji has done more than just give these children a father's name. He has arranged for their high-quality education and provided them with the best opportunities, enabling them to achieve great success and bring honor to India with their talents and skills. They are doing so as well!

Guruji has also rescued girls from prostitution, adopting them as his own daughters, ensuring they receive a life of dignity, even arranging their marriages just as a loving father would. Additionally, he has initiated various programs where a single girl child does not have to move to her husband's house; instead, the family lineage continues under her name. The husband lives with his wife's family as their son, relieving parents from worrying about their future worries. Many more welfare initiatives showcase his immense fatherly care and love.

Under Guruji's guidance, athletes have trained and excelled at international levels, affectionately referring to him as their beloved 'Papa Coach.' Whether residing locally or abroad, all disciples receive timely and valuable advice. Guruji’s support and love are so profound that no one feels alone; everyone feels his presence around them 24/7.

Guruji's care extends beyond mere sermons or advice. It embodies a deep bond and spiritual connection that transcends ordinary relationships. This is why the day is of utmost reverence to each Dera follower.

Instilling Real Values, Inspiring Change

“You banished ignorance with knowledge's gleam so clear,

Those who followed sacred words found paths without fear!”

One of the most significant contributions of Guruji is his emphasis on real values. He encourages all to live with integrity, respect, and kindness. These values are not just preached but practiced and embedded in the daily lives of millions. By promoting a lifestyle free from vices and focused on positive actions, Ram Rahim Ji helps cultivate a society that thrives on mutual respect and support.

His teachings extend to practical aspects of life, such as health, education, and personal development. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji has been instrumental in setting up educational institutions and healthcare facilities that provide quality services to the underserved. These initiatives reflect his belief in the power of education and good health as foundational elements of a prosperous and enlightened society.

Everyday Celebrations of Fatherhood

Imagine a world where every day is Father's Day. For all these millions of followers, this is their reality. They celebrate this guidance and care daily. There are countless stories of how Guruji’s advice and guidance have positively impacted their lives, much like the way a father's wisdom shapes the path of his children.

His teachings and actions provide a sense of security and purpose that goes beyond the traditional role of a father. The love and respect he commands are not just due to his spiritual insights but because of his genuine concern and proactive care for all his children.

Gratitude Beyond Bounds

Not just Father's Day, but every day is our chance to turn the spotlight onto the incredible role of Revered Guruji. We being the millions of His children, thank Guruji for the love, the lessons, and the ethereal care. Thank you for being the rock upon which we can always depend.

To express our gratitude for transforming homes from hellish to heavenly, for bringing the eternal happiness that people endlessly seek, and for manifesting the true purpose of living, words fall short.

As a spiritual leader and humanitarian, Saint Dr. MSG has been a guiding light for millions, instilling real values and transforming lives across the globe.

We are grateful to Guruji for always being our support system, no matter what, and we pray for His lifelong health and well-being.