May 12, 2013


Injured in Dera Sacha Sauda has extremely wide connotations. Any being that is suffering from bodily hurt qualifies. It could even be an animal or bird. No body is left in the lurch. Particularly, victims of road traffic accidents are rendered all possibly assistance. India has a queer tradition in which those who help injured persons on the road are booked for the crime. Several times the saviours end up getting victimised. But Dera followers do not dread this evil and help others full stream. While the rapid pace of deforestation is destroying the habitats of all life forms, Dera Sacha Sauda prohibits people from even killing poisonous animals like snakes, scorpions etc. Commonly, when such creatures stray to build up areas, they are restored to their natural habitats. Guruji tells people to minimize the use of chemicals since excessive chemicals are polluting the environment and finally causing serious toxicity to all life forms. There is a complete prohibition on the intake of meat because it negates the concept of compassion to all beings which is the cardinal tenet of all religions. Mercy is a uniquely human trait. No religious scripture writes about the sacrifice of human life of food. Guruji tends, feeds and cares for all formsof life that he comes in contact with. Even the strays do not escape his kindly attention. In the times of drought, fodder is dispatched hundreds of kilometers away so that animals may not starve to death. There are several instances in which, inspired by Guruji, Dera members have rescued animals even from sewage pits and quick sands. Can anyone attach more value to the sanctity of life?

Whether it is a case of children who have fallen into deep bore wells or laborers buried under caved in earth, the Dera members have never thought of their own lives. These followers obey Guruji's teachings to serve humanity.