Aug 17, 2023

Life-Awaited Jubilation: Behold the Grand Festivities and Celebrations at MSG Bhandara| Special on 56th Incarnation Day of Saint Dr. MSG

The incarnation of a saint holds profound significance in the realm of spirituality. As per the divine decree, they are being descended upon the earth with the primary purpose of liberating the souls from the vicious cycle of birth & death. A true saint dedicates every fraction of their life to humanity. Such a true saint incarnated and graced the world on 15th August 1967.

The presence of Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan brings immense blessedness to millions of lives. Through spiritual awakening, His Holiness guides people to reality and alleviates their sufferings. 

Dedicating His entire life to uplifting humanity, Guruji is promoting brotherhood, fostering unity, and strengthening the bond of humanity in every possible way. The pious incarnation day is celebrated across the globe with the name ‘MSG Bhandara’ from now onwards.

The Privilege of Divine Presence

The incarnation and presence of a saint is certainly a privilege for humanity. Amid this self-centered world, it’s quite rare to witness a divine being without any selfish motives or self-interest, guide us towards enlightenment, compassion, and true purpose of life.

On 15th August 1967, Guruji incarnated and graced the world with such benevolence that none had ever thought before. Guruji incarnated at the home of respected parents, Pujniya Mata Naseeb Kaur Ji and Pujniya Bapu Maghar Singh Ji, who were fervent after having a child after the long wait of 18 years. That historic day brought millions, to their beloved master who freed them from woes and gave them a way to salvation from all problems. 

Guruji’s presence restored hope to millions of lives. It is a pure source of inspiration and intense transformation for millions of people around the globe. The life-changing initiatives and spiritual discourses are fostering a sense of brotherhood and unity among millions. Guruji’s teachings have touched hearts and transformed lives today.

But the celebrations that unfold Guruji’s presence are surely unlike any other!

There’s no end to the depth of happiness and it seems as if the universe itself is rejoicing, singing hymns in praise and setting the ambiance of divinity. Every heart is attuned to the divine rhythm of Guruji’s presence.

As profound joy arises when we get connected with something greater, Guruji’s presence amplifies the joy in the hearts to an immeasurable degree. This happiness is not dependent on external circumstances, instead, it’s the incomparable joy that arises from the depth of the soul. 

This joy is incomparable because it springs from a source beyond the material realm – a source that is boundless and eternal. It is unique because it weaves a tapestry of emotions, blending gratitude, love, and reverence into an intricate pattern that envelops us in a cocoon of serenity and bliss.

Mega Tree Plantation Drive- A Global Celebration with Green Touch

The Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers from across the globe pay reverence to Saint Dr. MSG in an eco-conscious and unique way. They plant trees globally and hence contribute to making this planet a better place. It is one of the multifaceted initiatives that is incredibly leaving an indelible mark on society. the volunteers from different corners of the world came together to honor Guruji whose impact extends far beyond even spiritual realms. 

This way they are enriching the earth with each sapling that represents a dire commitment to heal the planet. Not just planting, these have been even taken care of them properly and 75% of these trees are still alive and giving oxygen, shelter, and shade to millions out there. 

They are planting seeds of change for a brighter future. Because this act is not just confined to one day, it will provide the shade of love, care, and life for a lifetime with immense environmental benefits such as enhanced biodiversity, improved air quality, and reduced soil erosion. 

The birthday of Revered Saint Dr. MSG is a poignant reminder that true devotion and reverence can take many forms. Celebrations that not only benefit the individuals but also the entire planet is a unique way of celebration that is rare to witness in this self-centered era. This global endeavor of tree plantation is surely a testament to the far-reaching impact of Guruji’s teachings and the dedication of all the followers to give Him the gift of environmental conservation.

A Transformational Experience and Celebrations

Incarnation Day celebrations were nothing short of a revolutionized and transformational experience. The joy and happiness in Guruji’s presence uplift us in humanity and lead us toward the path of spiritual growth. The teachings of selflessness and compassion align our lives and turn them into big celebrations. 

While some were seeing dancing on their own beats, there many others were extending every possible help to the needy as a way to celebrate the divine day. His teachings have ignited the flames of kindness and empathy, sparking positive change in individuals and communities.

Cultural performances elevated the beauty of the event.  Besides performing welfare works as a part of the celebration, the new pledge was taken and new welfare initiatives were started by Revered Saint Dr. MSG, which was the central point of attraction. 

Embracing Two New Welfare Initiatives

Guruji’s main focus remains on promoting environmental sustainability & conservation. Two new welfare initiatives have been introduced in this context that graced the grand event with a meaningful dimension. Let's delve into the details of these initiatives and their significance.

  1. Welfare no. 158- The TREE Campaign 

GREEN stands for:

G: Growing Trees

R: Regularly

E: Every Year

E: Equal to

N: Number of Dr. MSG’s age

In celebration of Guruji's 56th Incarnation Day, we will plant 56 saplings, and their number will continue to increase every year. This sustainable initiative centers around planting 56 saplings and this count will keep increasing every year. What an insightful thought! 

Each of these saplings will represent the most impactful and tangible step towards a better & healthy planet. Nurturing and preserving nature requires consistent efforts and it’s indeed a shared ongoing responsibility. 

Lakhs of devotees pledged for the same and if such great numbers of people plant at least 56 saplings every year then surely the world will see a surge of betterment. This step will surely prove as a way to change and a considerable step towards nature conservation. 

  1. Welfare No. 159- CYCLE Initiative

C- Caring for

Y- Your health by

C- Cycling and

L- Lessening

E- Earth pollution

To go anywhere nearby, we will travel by bicycle or on foot. This initiative has two-fold benefits as it promotes a cleaner & breathable atmosphere besides promoting physical wellness. 

Each pedal stroke becomes a meaningful gesture towards a greener future, reminding us that seemingly small choices can yield significant positive impacts.

Elevating the Festivities with A Heartfelt Vow

As per the ritual of Dera Sacha Sauda, pledges are part of celebrations. They vow to shun vices and adopt healthy habits that don’t just benefit them but our society, nation, and even the whole planet. 

The special occasion of MSG Bhandara was celebrated with a special pledge! Lakhs of devotees who were watching the LIVE broadcast of the special event raised their hands, chanted Nara (Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera Hi Aasra), and took this pledge:

“We will not engage in following anyone blindly; instead, we will serve humanity and uphold strong beliefs while residing in harmonious unity with Sadh Sangat (devotees).”

This way, the incarnation day celebrations went beyond festivities.

A True Visionary- Revered Saint Dr. MSG

Revered Saint Dr. MSG is a spiritual and visionary leader whose teachings & initiatives emphasize the significance of spiritual growth as well as the upliftment of humanity in all possible ways. 

The count of welfare initiatives have now reached to 159 including two new initiatives taken at this pious day. With His pious teachings, on 15th August, the pious incarnation day is celebrated with environmental conservation initiatives and this is the gift that Guruji accepts from His beloved children. Volunteers experience a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment, knowing that they are part of a global movement to create positive change.

As the world faces ongoing challenges related to climate change and environmental degradation, initiatives like these offer a glimmer of hope. This initiative of tree plantation will benefit the whole planet and bring desirous outcomes. That’s the reason that Guruji cultivates the legacy that not only celebrates the pious incarnation day but also nurtures the Earth that sustains us all. His teachings are changing the world manifold and bringing positive revolution that is the need of the hour!

As we partake in these festivities, let us pledge to follow the footsteps of Guruji for a lifetime and present an unseen example of devotion and commitment to the teachings of Revered Guruji before the world. 

Happy MSG Bhandara!