Jan 25, 2011

Loving Satguru Ji saved me from stomach operation

Mr. Gurbaz Singh S/O   Sh. Dalour Singh Insan, Apartment no. 6, Inayat-e-Satguru Complex, Sirsa Haryana. Loving Satguru Ji saved me not only from stomach operation; no traces of stomach ache were left behind. In the year 1994, Respected Satguru Ji, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji, delivered a Spiritual Satsang in Dera Sacha Sauda Salabatpura after 14 years. It was a moment of joy for the devotees hailed from Punjab. The whole Punjab was decorated by the sangat (devotees) with welcome gates and confluence of colorful flags. The effort was worth admiration. Guru Ji had to come directly from U.P. after conducting satsang there. I was supposed to reach the Salabatpura satsang place to perform my duty related to satsang. Unfortunately, my stomach started paining just two days before satsang. The pain was unbearable. Even injections were not sufficed to cure me. I got admitted in Aggrawal Hospital (Sirsa). Dr. G.K. Aggrawal said "You have pain in your Appidex nerve and operation is must. Otherwise the nerve could burst and you could loose your life." The doctor instructed the staff to prepare for the operation immediately. Suddenly I recalled that I had to go for satsang but the doctors were not listening to me. I pretended as if I need to go to washroom. As soon as I got the chance to come out of the operation theatre, I escaped from there. From there I went to Dr. Munjal and asked him to give me some pain relieving injection so that I can go, for performing my duties assigned, on the next day (satsang). I got relief progressively after being injected. The next day I moved for Salabatpura. I was completely alright. I narrated the same anecdote to Guru Ji. At this Guru Ji said "Dear! God has saved you otherwise you would have got operated. A Hospital has been established in Shri Gurusarmodia for the same reason and the doctors have been instructed to not to go for operation if the ailment can be remedied through injections and medicines." In next satsang, which held after three months, the sangat of Salabatpura requested Guru Ji for building up a Hospital there. Guru Ji said "Dear ones! Most of the Doctors are more of businessman now days." Giving my example to them, Guru Ji asked me to tell the whole incident to all the sangat sitting there. I narrated the whole incident to them. The sangat agreed with the fact. Due to blessings of Guru Ji, It has been 11 years and I have never suffered from any such kind of pain after that. Honorable Satguru ji saved me from paying of mine death taking Karma. The only request at pious feet of Pita ji is to be with us in every walk of life and to direct us on the right track. Thank You so much for being with us always!