Mar 12, 2013

Man Achieves His Destination with Resort to Self- Confidence

"Everyone must meditate every time and every moment. As you move on the path of meditation your self-confidence and will-power gets enhanced." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (addressed as "Pita Ji" by more than 50 million faithful followers).

A few further excerpts from the Satsang are as follows: With self confidence one gets a hold of one's destination. With the will power stakes like deeds can be converted into spikes. On the contrary without will power spikes get transmuted into stakes. It cannot be purchased from anywhere. Man is imbibed with it and can get it with the God's devotion as it(devotion) enhances the self-confidence. As there is specific method to obtain ghee from milk, water from earth and fragrance from the flowers. Same way, will power is within, but to extract it one need to meditate on regular basis. This way, one would receive the happiness internally as well as externally; in view of the fact that when self confidence enhances one can find the solution of every problem from within.

During the evening Satsang, His Holiness Guru Ji exhorted, "If you want to see and realize the God, it is required to meditate on regular basis." God's devotion and serving His creatures always result in happiness. Those who listen to and abide by the holy sermons they are always brimful of happiness. So one must be internally pure and never think negatively rather always be optimistic and at times man's wishes are fulfilled whatever a person prays for.

So, one must never be pessimistic. Always ask for good things from the God Almighty. If you have to ask anything from Him; it is good if you ask good ones instead of something negative. And when you will have an access to Him you will definitely acquire the holy grace and compassion. One never accepts one's mistakes. On getting afflicted with any illness a person holds the God responsible for it. But if the God would demystify your misdeeds then it would be clear how much a person meditates. HE is omniscient; one must introspect how much one mediates, renders selfless services and so on. Your devotion and altruistic services are always acceptable in the eternal abode. Whoever moves for rendering selfless services he obtains the happiness multifold. Sometimes a person experiences the bad deeds being nullified but many times one doesn't. Everyone definitely gets the fruits of his committed noble actions. One must abide by the holy sermons, meditate on God's words, never ask bad for anyone. This way, he would definitely get the deluge of holy grace.