Feb 5, 2013

Meditation Always Results in Happiness

Souls have been allotted a treasure trove of breaths by the Almighty and after its completion the soul has to move back leaving the corporeal aside. The only target of the soul is to meditate on the God's words and to get rid of the transmigration cycle. His Excellency Guruji says that one should quit the maladies while adopting the virtues. A few further excerpts from the satsang are:

When a man unites with the Lord God, he gets the spiritual ecstasy. One must recite on God's words in the dawn as well as in the dusk. A large proportion of the living society is double-faced and diplomatic which endeavors to figure out other's mistakes. Praying for well-being of all and reciting the holy words never let the man to be devoid of anything either internally or externally, while he gets the deluge of happiness upon him. God's name is the only means to provide the spiritual delight and beatitude; also, it makes a man free of miseries and tensions.