Feb 16, 2015

Meditation Brings Loads of Happiness in Life - Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

One neither likes to meditate upon the God's words nor wants to listen about Him. But the truth is that one receives loads of happiness when he or she meditates upon the true God's name. Those who meditate regularly upon God's words, theirs whole life is lead with great ease and is full of cheerfulness. The above sermons were addressed to the gathered devotees on Sunday in the 'Satsang' program organised at Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Sirsa by Revered Saint Dr.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. Also many couples were married in the holy presence of Guruji.

During the course of 'Satsang', the revered Guruji told that it is usually observed that one doesn't like the food which gives energy and strength to human body. One such example is 'ghee'. Eating 'ghee' without anything else does not taste good, however still it gives contentment after taking it. Now, even the scientists agree to this viewpoint. Revered Guruji told that the God's name is not laced with spices; however there is no parallel to the strength received after meditating upon the same. One cannot imagine such strength. If one wants to have the healthy intoxicant and wants to attain the unimaginable strength then one should meditate with true heart upon the God's words regularly. One should strive to have his heart devoid of impurities. Revered Guruji told one should never think negative. The negative thoughts makes one hollow inside. The history is witness that those who meditated upon God's words surely achieved and realized the God.

Revered Guruji told that the film 'MSG The Messenger' has been brought with many social messages which will change the society for good. He told that through the medium of film he wants to make people conscious and aware about the social evils present in the society. Also, the movie shall inspire the youth to leave drug addiction and other vices and will motivate them to adopt the cause for serving humanity. He informed that the film is being liked everywhere. The cinema halls are recording houseful in India and abroad. Revered Guruji informed that as the devotees conduct rallies to remove the social evils, in the same way the movie 'MSG' is also a rally and he urged the followers to make 'MSG' film reach to the masses. He also told that the MSG-2 is almost 70 percent completed.

Providing new houses through 'Aashiana- Homely Shelter for needy' program

After the 'Satsang' program, Revered Guruji handed over the keys of the newly constructed house to the needy through the 'Aashiana- Homely Shelter for needy' campaign of Dera Sacha Sauda. The details are:

- Shah Satnam Girls School Sirsa, arranged newly constructed house for Reshma Insan w/o Deshraj Insan resident Dabwali, Sirsa district and Rakha Rani w/o Jagat Ram resident Preet Sagar Colony, Block Kalyan Nagar Sirsa,

-Butter Lion block of Shah Satnam Ji Boys School Sirsa arranged new constructed house for Prakash Rani w/o Ram Kishan resident Fatehabad district, Paramjeet Singh s/o Mahender Singh resident village Ratia and Satish Insan s/o Raja Ram resident village Boda, Block Ratia