Jun 15, 2016

Meditation on Sacred words brings happiness of both the worlds

"The God's name is a treasure trove of happiness that fills one's life in this materialistic world and the eternal world as well. "Sab rog ka aukhud naam, kalyan roop mangal gun gaan", i.e., the meditation of Supreme is the ultimate cure for all the maladies." Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan during the spiritual congregation held at Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Sirsa. A few further excerpts of the Satsang are:

Those who meditate with pure heart, their mind and body, always remain fresh. Their willpower and self confidence soar so high that God cures even their deadly diseases like cancer very easily. Lakhs of people present over here have experienced it and the saga continues. I am not to be credited. I only guide like a teacher or lecturer does. When you believe the guide, then His Master i.e., the Supreme Power Himself helps you. Those who don't question His authenticity and meditate regularly, they feel a unique fragrance all around, with divine health. Their faces radiate with happiness just like the face of a newly born baby, innocent and beautiful. Everyone who sees them feels inner peace. The sun in icy mountains may melt the snow to bring the heat, but the ice still serves the purpose. Same is the case with meditation and selfless service. If you continue doing them, you are among the Ice Mountains. Often you face troubles during the course of life, but feel relief due to the meditation and selfless service you did. On the contrary, if you are in the desert and the sun is overhead in the scorching heat of June, the skin almost burns. This is nothing but the payback for the accumulated sins that you never get to realize. Its faulty human nature to forget the grace of God and take it for granted. You don't acknowledge His grace in happiness but complaint when in any danger. So you must thank God whether in calmness or adversity, and He will bless you manifolds. People do so much to woo others and even the saints. When they see greater chances of any loss, they start buttering God. So pray to God regularly and don't show it off. The moment you start feeling jealous of others, that's like a back gear in spirituality. There are two ways to do any good work. Either you are interested so much that it becomes your passion, or you imitate others. If you create problems for others then it's a pitfall for your own self, while if you support and help others, it's a stepping stone for you. This is the principle of spirituality.

Always stay away from conceit of being learnt since long. Spirituality is about compliance. Kabir Ji has said, "Jo koi kahe sant ko cheena, tulsi haath kaan ko deena", i.e., he defies believing anyone who says that he has completely understood the path shown by True Saints. A person may befool other by telling them about how long he has been connected to spirituality but not Him. "Aida bhola khasm nahi jeda makar charitra na jaane, aide ghar vich ohio bas sakdi jedi sab chaturaiyan bhul jave". Here khasm means one who pleases everyone and God is the only one in literal sense. It's guaranteed that you can't lure God by showing off. He is omniscient and is inert to your buttering, so you need to adhere to the sermons of saints. "Bin amalon ke aalma ilm nikamme saare, tu koi amal kama le re agar jas lene malik ke dware, agar jas lene satguru dware". Some follow the Saint but not His preaching, because of the vices they are supposed to give up. They ask many a times for fewer rules to stick to. So what you can do instead is not committing any sin where there's God. Make it a thumb rule. Now that God is omnipresent, you'll do no wrong anywhere. "Is duniya mein do kaam karo ik naam japo aur prem karo, kisi jeev ka dil na dukhana kabhi maut yaad rakho malik se daro". It's a shame if you can't even follow one principle. But this one's a heavy task. Many people have expertise in bullying and back biting. In spirituality, if you stay humble, you will rise while if you are excessively proud of yourself, it'll only drown you. The former brings happiness by the Almighty while the latter accumulates further sins. You can't hide anything from Him and your own soul. But it's His grace that He doesn't expose people. Many people come, confess to their sins and lead happy lives whereas others don't accept their fault straightaway and lead life with load. To err is human, but then you must not repeat those mistakes. Don't deceive Him and yourself. Very often do Saints speak of something in harsh tone, but that too only heals your wounds, it's just a matter of perception. Kabir Ji has said, "Santon ka krodh bhi daati hota hai, aur duniyadari ka pyaar bhi ghaati hota hai", it implies that saint's words will work as spirit while people mostly love you only for the influence or property. Except a handful of noble people, most people today will love you for their own purpose. The volunteers, who get the destitute medically treated, arrange drinking water for them and do 124 such humanitarian works selflessly. But Param Pita Ji has said, "Rehna mast te hona hoshiyar chahida".   Beware of those who try to deceive you in the God's name. They will have to pay for their sins anyway, but you can save yourself and them as well by being smart. So in a nutshell, meditate regularly to wash away all your misdeeds of past and to enjoy life with God's benevolence.