Aug 16, 2017

MSG 9Bar9 Evening Shows began with inspirational skits and dance performances

Day 1:- MSG 9Bar9 An Evening of Drama

MSG 9bar9 Events are being organized in honor of the 50th Incarnation month of Revered Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan in Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa.

On first day *Drama Night* was performed by famous theater artists who gave a message of good doings through their act and choreography. On the first day, more than 10 lakh people attended the program and celebrated Dr. MSG's Incarnation month. A grand stage was prepared in Shah Satnam Ji Dham. At the launch of the program, Dr. MSG has entered the stage in a unique way. Satsang Pandal was decorated in a grand way with electric running lamps. At the beginning of the event, two marriages was solemnized. Dr. MSG donated 2 Lacs rupees for the treatment of Murari Lal, Sirsa from the Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing's Welfare Fund.

Prior to this, Revered Guru Ji blessed method of meditation to 2610 people at free of cost.

At the beginning of the program, children of Shah Satnam Ji Boys' School presented bewildering stunts with stunning dance.

Thereafter 'Vision act' was staged, showing how the perspective of a drug addict man changes when he lost his eyes. After eyes donated by the Dera devotee, he shunned all his evil doings of eating meat and alcohol.

Subsequently, Uttar Pradesh 'Insan' was presented in the same manner, in which a beggar and Eunuch (Sukh Dua Samaj) condemned people involved in the riots of Hindu Muslim. The blind beggar convinced them that they should be inspired by the teachings of Dr. MSG & do not fall prey to caste and become a true person.

Fourth Act Presentation by Shah Satnam Ji College students choreographed "Journey from prostitute to Shubhdevi". It portrayed how after being influenced by the campaign of 'Shubhdevi' by Revered Guruji, the girl who was being pushed into prostitution, becomes an auspicious goddess and settled into a family. At the end of the choreography, 2 families also came to the stage, who have married under *Shubhdevi* Campaign. This choreography moistened everyone's eyes.

The fifth Act was 'Promise', which showed that a boy came from America argues with his family about the sacred Guruji and the Dera Truth deal, and how his grandfather and parents explained true deeds by Dera Sacha Sauda.

The sixth presentation was performed by the artists of Haryana in a hearty stage of *Ja Tan Laage, So Tan Jaane* showed how a true conviction of an old man gave the second life to his dead son. At the conclusion of this emotional presentation, Bathinda resident Bindra Singh and his son Buta Singh also came to the stage with whom this incident had happened.

Seventh and Final Play 'Bagad to Balochistan', portrayed the condition of the father and sons of Balochistan, sitting at the railway station of Delhi, who came to Sirsa after facing many difficulties just to have the glimpse of their Satguru.

On the completion of all Acts, Dr.MSG said that Artists from different states presented the act in a very beautiful way. His Holiness added that this blend of Spirituality with entertainment portrayed Truth and evoked Spirit of Love for God. Never forget the blessings of God. Religion caste is made on this earth and we have been created by Lord-God. Never stop paying gratitude to God.

During the program, devotees asked many questions about birth and childhood of Revered Guruji, and Guruji gave very interesting facts. Revered Guruji told that HIS Holiness was born on Tuesday at around 5.20 am. At the time of birth, HIS Holiness was over 6 kg. Parampita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj celebrated Dr.MSG's birthday for the first time in 1991 because there was no birthday celebration in HIS village. Dr.MSG love to wear white kurta pajama and keep the hair open. Dr.MSG also said that His autobiography is also coming soon.

On Saturday, the third day of '9बर9 events' of MSG, many artists from Punjab including famous Sufi & Punjabi artists like Pragat Bhagu, Nuran Sisters, Haryana actress Amit Dhund and Dabwali singer Pooja Insan will present their performances.

MSG 9Bar9 Evening Shows began with inspirational skits and dance performances