Feb 15, 2015

'MSG The Messenger' Movie Insight - A Review by Common Man

Is this the turning point in the cinematic world? Watch MSG The Messenger with the child in your heart who is fearless, bold and for whom no one is a stranger. Nowadays, our mind are cluttered with cinematic junk which unconsciously defines reference points and makes comparison of films like 'MSG' with other mainstream Bollywood movies, which MSG is definitely not a part of. 'MSG' movie brings about more than dozen social messages interlaced with foot tapping entertaining songs and fight sequences. Of Course, how can you expect logical fight sequences? Gone are the days of 'dishum-dishum' when they too seemed illogical. Rather most of the Hollywood or Bollywood movies are a work of fiction and fantasy, which is claimed in the disclaimer at the start of any movie. On the other hand, 'MSG' movie is very picturesque and colorful. The movie casting of 13 Lakh real actors representing almost all major religions seems to be a record in itself and which has not been witnessed by cinema before. The prominent social evils which 'MSG' highlights are the drug menace and the exploitation of girls in prostitution business. Along with that, 'MSG' movie showcases the need for citizens to adopt various humanitarian causes and support welfare activities like blood donation, mega tree plantation drives, making environments clean etc. The movie also lays emphasis on making our daughters and sisters learn self-defense to make them invulnerable. The beauty and uniqueness of 'MSG' is the simplicity with which the social messages are conveyed. Reverend Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan who is in the lead role of the film brings the message in a bold and simple way which we are not used to in a film. When we say movie, we all have 'acting' as the core subject reference. But in the 'MSG' movie, the reel and real hero's roles merge and coincide for the lead actor. The movie seems to be routine day from the real life of the Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan. The story revolves around how the international drug mafia targets the youth of the country. To fight against this evil, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan of 'Dera Sacha Sauda' takes the challenge and forewarns the youth of this menace.He has his own unique way for youth to quit the drug addiction. Instead of preaching in movie, he showcases how one can attain high self-confidence which is eternally present inside every one of us, but has not been realized. He gives message that 'Meditation' is the only way to increase our self-confidence and quit ourvices. The drug mafia plans to kill the Saint with scrupulous planning and there are sporadic fighting sequences between the good and evil sides. The dialogues at the climax by Reverend Saint are splendid and inspiring. It garners support from the masses comprising of common man,by inspiring them to join hands and adopt the cause for eliminating the evils from society. The movie will surely achieve its purpose of reaching the common people with an inspirational message from 'MSG The Messenger'. The music of the movie is just superb and will generally entice youth. The song sequences are very perfectly shot. The cast, with almost no training of filmdom, acting as real performers is truly an astounding job. The lead actor of the movie Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan is a Real Hero, as He himself is the Writer, Art Director, Producer, Director, Choreographer, Costume Designer, Lyricist, Music Director, Singer and the Lead Actor, all in one. I would say watch 'MSG' with your family to make your coming generation conscious about the existing social evils prevalent in our society, so that they are well geared up to take these evils head on, and strive to make our society a better place to live in. Don't miss the message from 'The Messenger'.